How to live life better?

How to live a better life? Short stories of a Girl.

A difficult question to answer. Everyone’s competitive life is consumed by the tension of the work, home, kids, finance, etc. and each one has this question: How to live a better life? how to live life happily? How to live a stress-free life

But the truth is: There is no perfect answer to these questions which can be fit to everyone’s life. Everyone is unique in his own way, the way they live their life is different. The area or block they live in is different. The way, one spends their money is different. and no person knows what is good for others. So, there can not be a single life lesson which can be copied from others.

The only thing that can be done and discussed is how one made his or her life better, listening to their stories and then, by making some modifications, we can make our life better. So, to know the answers to some famous question people ask i.e. How to live life peacefully? How to live a simple life? How to live in the present?

Here we have a list of short stories of a girl which she lived in her life. These explain how to live life alone and happy. 

  1. Life Lesson in a metro.
  2. Different perspective towards life.
  3. Enjoy every moment.
  4. Life is too short to be Sad.
  5. Pollution was higher earlier than now.
  6. A Solution to Poverty.
  7. How to not let words hurt you.

  • Life Lesson in a metro | How to live a better life

Girl In the Metro teaches you a way to live a better life.

A short story of a girl in the metro who thinks a lot, she tells her thoughts on the by-passers. Her thoughts teach a way to live a better life.

girl in the metro

Once upon a time, there was a girl in the metro sitting with her head down on her bag. With earphones plugged in, and listening to her favorite list of songs. Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone talking on the phone loud. She opened her eyes and saw a tall boy in cargo shorts and Captain America T-shirts wearing bright color sleepers with an i phone in his right hand and holding the door with the left hand.

The boy was very much busy in talking, didn’t realize the intensity of his voice. Speaking loud and clear, talking to his friend, saying ” sure bro, I will be there in 10 min, I’m at Rajouri garden. I didn’t bring my BMW, my uncle is away with it. And Audi is with my brother.” She listens to this conversation and then puts her head back down.

She is very much a philosophical girl. She thinks a lot about everything. She tries to put reasoning, logic to everything around her. This time also she went into her sub-consciousness. She started thinking about the reasons, the boy might be having in his mind which were forcing him to speak loud.

Firstly, Maybe, he is used to speaking aloud. But the simple logic doesn’t suit her.

Secondly, he might be showing off.

Then suddenly a character arose in her subconsciousness just like that  Priyanka Chopra’s Colgate ad “kya apke toothpaste me namak hai”. This new character asks her – “You,  thinking about this boy as someone showing off !. You’re jealous because of his expensive four Wheeler”.

she laughed “four Wheeler” and replied “No, I have more than enough as he does. His requirements and mine are two different things. He is going to Janakpuri and I have to go Dwarka. And we both have enough in our pockets to reach our destination.okay.

Then he might be going somewhere far in his car but my home is just a walk away. So, why should I be jealous? I have enough”.

Reporter grins and nodes. “So, what is it then?”

The girl added ” well, truly I was thinking about is. Why people get jealous? if others had something that you didn’t have”.

With a pause, she continues. “Actually, what I see is, life is just like a 1600 m race but the catch is, everyone started from the different starting line and will end on different finish lines. You have met that person while circling your laps.

You might see him going ahead of you really fast. But maybe, he has just started and you just have only one lap to go to reach your finish line. So, you are neither late nor early. You are on your right lap.

People should not waste energy on competition, comparison. With a different starting line, different finish line, On comparing, you are just making your last lap harder. You have come a long way and will go a long ahead. The finish line is waiting for you.”

A beep sound interfered the thinking “This station is Dwarka. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap.”

She gets off the train. And got busy in other thoughts.

Moral of the story:

This girl sees what other ignores. But what you have to do is
–Just keep going, you are on your last lap.


  • Different Perspective towards life | How to live a stress-free life.

A short story that might help you to see all the different perspective before jumping to a decision. A story that can make you more than an average man.

different perspective, looking at problems from different perspective, how to live life, how to live a better life, old man, short story, self enlightened girl


Once upon a time, there was a girl and here she shares an incident which changed her way to see the world and improved her way to look different perspective.

There were a man and people used to call him mad-man
but she was surprised when he moved close to her,

He said, “I have a significant question, can you answer?”
she nodded, in acceptance,

and then,
he asked, “am I a mad man?

The obvious answer, from a sane person, will be, “no”,
and that was what she said.

“Thank you!”, he replied;

then he said,
“just for the reason I have a different perspective and I don’t see the world the way other people do, does that make me a mad man?”

“No”, she answered again.

He then picked a stick, wrote “W” on road,
and asked her what he wrote.
At this point, she was already feeling ashamed,
getting involved in a lengthy conversation with him.
In a hurry to leave, she said “w”,
but she was amazed when he replied to my answer,
“You only see ‘W’,
because of the angle at which you are looking at it.
If you move to the opposite side and see it upside down, you will see “M”;
If you move to the right side, it is “3”,
and while looking at it from the left side, it is “E”.

just because I don’t see the world the way that everyone is seeing it doesn’t make me a mad man” he said. Then he left.

she pondered for so long about this and its application to life.

We react, and associate to people, based on the perspective, the way we are looking at their situation.

Have you ever paused and taken your time to look at all the other possible different perspectives?

she then decided that,
before she gets angry with, or act against, or judge anyone that has done something unfavorable to her,

she will view it in at least three possible different perspectives;
1. her own perspective,
2. oppositions own perspective and
3. others perspective’.

Moral of the story:

Before you judge people before you rage your anger on them, take a little time to view their angle or different perspective. Try to see all the different perspective other than what you see. If you don’t see another perspective just ask them or respect others views too.


  • Enjoy every moment | How to live a happy life

enjoy every moment, inspirational story, how to live a better life, how to live life
This is a short story on how to live life to the fullest? enjoy reading.

Once upon a time, a girl wakes up for a morning walk to enjoy every moment and went to the park. She was walking around the park and the rain starts. She ran to a nearing shed with her hand on her head trying to save herself a little to not to get wet.

With her under the shed, there was a boy busy with drying his 50 bucks note and on the bench at her left sitting an old man angry on her wife for not bring the umbrella even when he told her to.

Few seconds passed under the shed and then she saw a little girl along with her father coming toward the shed. With one hand she holds her father’s hand and with other catching the rain in her cute little hands and drinking it.

Under the shed, while her father was doing some work on his phone, she still holding her father hands and spread another hand out of the shed and catches the rain. Sometimes drinking it and sometimes throwing it over her face. She was really enjoying the rain.

The girl standing there. A voice in her head.

“It’s all clear now. “

The girl ” yeah.”

“It is all about what we feel makes all the difference.”

” the little girl is happiest of all, enjoying the rain. living the moment”

“No worries about the money, no worries about the wet dresses and no worries about getting late. just living in the moment and getting out best of it and she knows how to live life in the present?”

” The posture made all the difference. While others had their hands over their heads trying not to get wet. She had her hands spread, catching the rain, throwing it on her face.”

Moral of the story:
Every moment is good to change everything. Enjoy every moment.



  • Life is too Short to be Sad | How to live life in the present

Sad Girl

Once upon a time, there was a sad girl lying alone in her bed with two pillows behind and one under the right hand to easily control the mouse. She adjusts the laptop on her lap, dims the screen brightness, double clicks on google chrome and opens YouTube. A list of songs and recommended videos appear on the tab. But she plays the sad qawali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Sadgi toh humari Jara dekhiye.”

“What! ” a voice in her head shouts.”don’t bore me”

Sad Girl, Girl, Self Enlightened Girl

“Shut up! did I ask you?” she ignores.

“ooh ho Diljali, hold, Hold.” the voice mocks her.

“I’m Okay. Just leave me. I want to listen to and it’s my choice. Mind your business.” she puts on her headphone and moves the sound level up to avoid the voices in her head.

” Okay no jokes, tell me what happened.” the voice shows affection.

” Yaar It’s complicated. I don’t know how to tell you? I’m not sure, you are going to even understand my situation or not. It’s really hard to explain. No doubt, it is such a thing that a girl can even tell it to someone or not. I know you are not going to understand.”

“kat Gaya kya?” (Dumped you?)


both outburst in laughter.

Moral of the story:

We spend most of our time and most of our life in being sad and depressed and loss the charm and spark we had. But a little smile and a little talk with oneself can change the mindset. Just try to make yourself smile and laugh without any reasons and the topics will be born by their own to maintain that smile on your face.



  • Pollution was higher earlier than now?

Once upon a time, there was a girl sitting next to her 10-years-old cousin. While watching Doraemon her cousin suddenly faces her and starts asking his stupid questions which seems logical to a 10-year-old boy. These are the questions she is familiar with. But she loves answering his stupid questions because she knows, it is the curiosity of the kid which needs to be fed at the right time when the questions arise in one’s mind to make his mind mature. And today too, He asked such a question. She with a smile answers “yes bro.”

“I was thinking, years ago pollution was much higher than today “

“What! how can you say that? ” she inquires
Pollution, Self Enlightened Girl, Short Story, Then and Now


“Actually, You know, earlier there was much more area covered with forest. and whenever storm or lightning hit the trees it set ablaze the forest. And because of this fire pollution increases.”

“Hmm, right, It caused pollution but you know forests area was also large enough to counterbalance the pollution.” she tries to make him understand. “True”

“yeah But that is what I am saying. because of large no. of woods, the chances of fire are also large.”

“No, Bro” she tries to make him understand in other words. There was some construction going on outside their house. So she tries to co-related this with them to make him better understand the situation.

“You saw those three people digging out the ground, outside. Remember”

“Yeah,” he nodded in yes.

“If one out of these three gets angry and instead on digging, starts putting the soil back to the ground. even then they are going to complete their work because two are digging and only one is disturbing their work.”

“Similiar is the case of pollution. In earlier days. there was enough greenery to balance the damages caused by the forest fire”

“But now two men are putting the soil back and only one is left to dig the land. just one to help in completing the work and two destroying it. Because of such a situation, the condition is going to be much worse, if we take longer to convince the angry ones to calm down and start digging and start helping to complete the work.”

“So, the pollution today is much higher and going to increase in the coming days if we don’t increase our forest cover.”

“Hmm, we need more men to dig and no man to destroy the done work,” he adds

“Yeah, true”.

He turns his face back to T.V. screen.

Moral of the story:

I think he understands but this understanding is needed in everyone.

We need to calm down and understand that the more we interfere with nature, the more we will need to do to restore it. we need to stop now, otherwise, there will be nothing left to care about.



  • A Solution to poverty 

Once upon a time, there was a Girl in The Cab, with her left elbow resting on the window and fingers half folded on the chick, supporting her head in thinking position. And right hand around her purse holding the cell phone.

Looking outside through the dusty traffic at a red light, the girl saw some ladies holding 2-3 months old babies, begging under the flyover. A variety of thoughts starts to flow around her: The pity conditions, reasons for their situations, Govt. Programs, promises, and of course, family planning. Suddenly one thought crossed her mind.

Girl, Girl in Cab, Self Enlightened Girl

“What if, Govt. Starts a program like giving each beggar a goat”, continues her thought, “to feed their family For free of cost.

By this simple solution, we can answer the question: How to live a better life? and bring them out of poverty.

In return, asks them to take care of the green belt between the roads or under the flyovers, and feed the goat with these plants while they can keep the milk for their family. But each new baby goat will be Government’s Property.” Isn’t it a good idea? Girl smiles in her thoughts.

But then she hears a sound “No, it’s not practical”. And the second thought comes around. “Your idea can easily be called an unpractical. Because these beggars do not have any permanent addresses. So, who knows where will they be the very next day.” Second thought winks at first “hmm, true?”.

“Well, true…” she agrees and waits for few seconds ” but what if we link the scheme with Aadhaar online. One person can get only one goat at a time.” Now she moves her eyebrows up and down ” hmm hmm, I’m smart”.

“But, what if they get the goat, sell it and report missing” second replies. “ooh hmm can be” first agrees.

“But some barcode-like thing can be used to identify or distinguish each goat.” she didn’t give up easily.

the voice laughs “you are really this much dumb or acting to be.” And adds “No one can identify or distinguish dead goats, you will be just helping mutton shops.” Both laughs.

The cab driver notices, a little smile on her face pulling her right chicks upward.

” Ma’am, KFC is on the right.”


The girl in the cab recovers herself from her thought and pays the cab driver.
“Ma’am, that smile, may I ask, what were you thinking, “the driver asks out of his curiosity.
“Nothing ” she replied with the same smile.
The cab departs

She smiles
“who am I to tell how to live life But it was a good idea. “
“Leave it. Let’s have a crispy chicken treat”.


  • How to not let words hurt you

Once upon a time, there was a girl walking down the road. She saw an accident, a swift desire cab with its torn up bumper at the left headlight and a rickshaw with its broken backlight. From a distance, the situation seems like the rickshaw was overtaking the cab from the left at the red light to go right ways.

But the accident had occurred, and the crowd was already there. Then, she heard some sounds, some words, common during the fights. The abusive words, the words used to offend someone and she thought to say no to abuse.

Say No To Abuse, Girl, Inspirational Story

” Such an illiterate person, Don’t even have the manners to speak in public.”

“Manners to speak in public IN A FIGHT ” a sound in her head emphasis on the word fight.

“So, what. They have their family at home. They have their mother and sisters. They should not use such words.”

“Ok, Let’s change the question from What they said to Why they said.” the voice asks.

” Then, what? What is the difference it will make?” she investigates.

” Not what, why?. It is scientifically proven fact that using abusive words during stress can decrease the pressure on your mind” the voice uses facts to prove its point.

” Fine, but the words used to relieve stress are really not appropriate”.

” Okay, let’s discuss it, with you in the situation” the voice tries to explain.  “what would be your first thought when someone hurts you. you surely will want to hurt them back.”

“Yeah, true” she answers.

“But, as you can’t go physically you will go for mentally hurting the person. and how can you hurt someone? ” the voice asks and then replies “By saying something bad about the things or persons whom he or she loves a lot. True?

and basically, who so ever can be the person, he loves his family. That’s why most of the abusive words include mother and sisters. because they are the one whom anyone loves more than anything. “

“So, you are saying the abusive words are okay” she is a little bit confused.

” No” the voice clarifies.” These words are made to hurt the feelings, hurt the person whom one refers to, hurt them in any way possible, in order to get some relaxation from the pain one has felt because of other.” the voice pauses.

the voice in her head continues “So If someone says “Don’t abuse, what if someone abuses you? “

the answer would be ” Of course, it will hurt. Because it is the reason the words were first invented. invented to hurt others.”

“So, what is the point of this conversation?” she asks.

” The point is Don’t take the words seriously. It is the job of these words to hurt you. instead, ignore them. in spite of getting carried away.

Instead of replying an abuse with abuse. Pause and notice why the person wants to hurt you? and solve the problem or apologize. If there is no reason, ignore it. “

“That’s how you ignore most of the stress out of your life. That’s, how to live a better life, in place of adding your energy to the evil, you focus on Betterness. “

“Hmm, right, actually, I have a lot of other things to think about” she nodded her head in agreement and checks her bag to find her file in the purse.

“My file, ooh, fuck “.

“Humans! ” the voice whispered in a disappointment.


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