Best True Inspirational Short stories

Inspiration is what lacks in the life of people struggling the hardship, stress, pain, ruination. All they desire is to have inspiring short stories on positive attitude, Inspirational short stories in real life, True Inspirational short stories about success, inspiration in any form. Here I have some positive attitude stories for students too.

Quotes may not have the desired impact but the stories put a permanent stamp in the mind which goes a long way. Inspiring short stories on a positive attitude fill you with a positive attitude. Short stories are best in relating your affliction, trouble with the protagonist.

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Here, I offer you the best Inspirational Short Stories about life, stories on positive attitude which also suits students, True inspiring stories, Spiritual stories about God, Self Improvement stories, Best stories about the value of life, stories with moral.

List of Inspiring short stories on positive attitude:

  1. What’s Good Or Bad? Who knows?
  2. Two Sides to every story
  3. How to win the Race of Life?
  4. See, what my little girl can teach you?
  5. How to control your anger and Stress?
  6. Never judge others by their NOs.
  7. Father for good, real-life stories.
  8. Oranges – First Give then Get.
  9. Coffee on the Wall
  10. Nothing happens by Chance.

Some Inspirational short stories about life:

  1. Be limitless – A story for employees
  2. Two Friends
  3. Are parents happier than childless couples?
  4. Is God with me?
  5. Why is my life full of Struggles?
  6. Live in the Present
  7. Who will go with you in your afterlife?
  8. Rich mom Poor Mom
  9. The Man Found God
  10. How to live a better life?


Down below starts the list of inspirational short stories. But I have another post on inspiring short stories with moral lessons, which you must have read in your childhood. Re-live your childhood memories, and share the moral lessons with your kids, which you learned when you were their age. 

farmer story, Inspiring short stories on positive attitude, True inspirational short stories,

A farmer Story, from some inspiring short stories on a positive attitude, who had a horse.

He was wise enough to deal with the goods and bads happening in life.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and He had a horse. he loved his horse so much because it supports the farmer’s family. it was his pride and joy as it helps the farmer to earn money. But one day, when.. Continue Reading.

Like you, I am also fond of reading short stories that inspired people. Out of hundreds of books that I have read, I would recommend this single book by Mier Liraz to start with. This has 100 different stories of a different time, different people with different life experiences all in one book. If you want to read inspiring stories then this is the one you must start with.

two sides to every story, inspirational story

A True inspirational short story that will teach you the important lesson that there are always two sides to every story. The decision made without knowing the full picture harms both. The Story:

One day, A teacher in a class of 6-year-olds asks a student 

” Adi, if I give you two mangoes and another two mangoes. how many mangoes will you have?

He answered “5 mangoes”.

Continue reading


Race of life, how to win the race of life, True inspirational short stories, short story, inspirational short story

Today I came through a true inspirational short story on Whatsapp about the race of life, It is really an inspiring story with a moral.

I hope everyone applies it and stays happy, Instead of involving in petty competition. The Story:

While I was riding the bike, I noticed a man in front of me, about half a Km far. I noticed the man was traveling at a speed lower than me.

So, I decided to overtake him. I had about a km to go on the road before turning off. So I started… Continue Reading.


Here are a few True Inspirational short stories which my little girl has taught me, so be her student and have some positive learning. Inspiring short stories on a positive attitude starts here. The story:

I was busy reading my favorite magazine and my little girl was playing around me which was disturbing my reading.

So, in order to get me some peace, I tried a trick and ask her to… Continue Reading.


how to control your anger,

A short story of a boy who learned how to control your Anger and Stress? A beautiful short story of a father and his son and their fight to control Anger and Stress. The Story:

Once there was a young boy with a very bad temper.

So, the boy’s father decided to teach him a lesson, so he gave him a bag of nails and told him that each time… Continue Reading.


I believe you like reading short stories, here are some funny short stories with a twist ending for you. You’ll enjoy reading.

Never judge others by their No, True inspirational short stories, short stories with moral, short story, inspirational story, motivational story

A true inspirational Short story of a bird and a tree. One of the inspiring short stories on a positive attitude towards life. A story that teaches us, we should never judge others by their Nos. The Story:

Once a bird was searching for a home to lay her eggs and get shelter in the coming rainy season. In her Search, she saw two trees.
And went to ask for shelter.

When she asked the first tree. He refused to give her shelter.

With disappointment, she went to the second and.. Continue Reading.


fathers for good, fathers love, love parents

Some true inspirational short stories. Everyone loves their father and all know Fathers are for our good.

These are some of the short stories of a father and his child that shows the love of father Child.

Some are funny and some are inspiring and Some convey the true love of a father through a real-life incident. Continue Reading.



Oranges, humanity story, Inspirational Story, True inspirational short stories, Short Story

This is the true Inspirational short story of a man who can change the way you see the world. The Story:

First Give, Then Get.

He always bought oranges from an old lady. After they were weighed, placed in his bag, and paid the price.

He would always pick one from his bag, peel it, put a segment in his mouth then complain that it’s sour  Continue Reading.


Coffee, Coffee on The Wall, Inspirational Story, Short Story, Motivational Story

A true inspirational short story on Real-life incident. The Story:

One evening, I was in a well-known coffee shop with my friend in a neighboring town of Venice, Italy, the city which is known as the city of lights and water.

There happened something unordinary. While I was enjoying my coffee. An Old man came Read Now.



Dr. Ahmed, Inpirational Story, Motivational Story, Short Story

A Spiritual story on God. The Story:

Dr. Ahmed, a well-known cancer specialist, was on his way to another city for an important conference where he was to get an award in the field of Medical Research.

But God had a different plan for him. after the plane takes off, within the next two hours,

the plane made an emergency landing at the nearest airport due to some technical snag.  Continue Reading.


corporate, inspirational, limitless

A true inspirational Short story of a man without limits and a story of an office, for employees about how to keep a positive attitude towards themselves.

It is a story of 9 to 5 employees. Every developed and developing country has this population that drives the country. The Story:

One morning, in an office, when all the employees went to their desks, where they find a letter on the desk. and when they opened it. it reads as. Continue Reading.


Inspirational Short Stories of Two friends, which can really inspire you and bring a change in the way you live your life. Some inspiring short stories on a positive attitude. The Story:

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid to not to try

Once in a village,  there were two friends, they spend most of the time resting under a tree and thinking about what should they do in their life.

In thinking they had already lost a lot of their precious time… Continue Reading.


a short story which teaches an important lesson about the way the modern generation is moving in a progressive direction losing all the traditional love, forgetting their old age parents and their sacrifice. The Story:

Once there was an aged tea maker at the railway station.

After selling its tea, when the train departed, he went to his hut where he had his wife and asked her to make another bucket of tea for the next trainContinue Reading.


is god with me, two horses, inspirational horse stories

horse stories to inspire you and a step to learn from animals what true humanity is? Is God with me? Some inspiring short stories on a positive attitude. The Story:

In the countryside, there were two horses in the field. At first, when looked from a distance, they look like any ordinary horse.

But if you go closer and look at one of the horses, it is quite interesting to know that one of the horses is Blind… Continue Reading.


why is my life full of struggle, problem solving, True inspirational short stories, solving problems, inspirational stories, short stories

A true inspirational short story on problem-solving and how to deal better with your difficulties and problems. The Story:

A rich man, every night, pray the same prayer to God. He repeats his prayers again and again on a daily basis.

In his words, he would ask, “God, please do one favor for me, at least one favor — and I have been asking this my whole life. As clearly as I know… Continue Reading.



lion story, Welcome the lion on your path, inspiratonal story, Motivational

A fictional but better consider it one the true inspirational short stories and learn the lesson. The story:

A story of a girl who was getting to be married the next day. Her thoughts are very much like any girl who is eagerly waiting for her wedding day.

There was a girl. She was just about to get married the next day, and she’s been planning everything for this wedding because it’s a traditional place.

The wedding is on the very next so today, she must make the final arrangement. She lives in the forest…Continue Reading.

four wives, inspirational story,Inspiring short stories on positive attitude, king and four wives

This may not be one of the True Inspirational Short Stories but surely teach you a good lesson: The Story: Four wives’ inspirational story.

Once upon a time, there was a king, one day the king got sick and was on his deathbed, afraid of being in the afterlife alone.

He called for her fourth wife, whom he loved the most, and bought her precious diamonds, gold, and elegant clothing.

He asked her, “Would you die with me? and go with me to the afterlife?” She replied that… Continue Reading.


poor mom, rich mom, rich mom poor mom, True inspirational short stories, Inspiring short stories on positive attitude, inspirational, motivational

True Inspirational short stories about life.

Once there was a rich-looking lady, makeup on and well dressed waiting outside the grocery store.

Then there comes a lady who seems poor by her looks, she noticed the lady standing outside and asked her.

“is that Martha? Hey ” 

The rich woman looked confused and tried to remember her.

“Oh, hey”, “oh, I haven’t seen you since you moved out of the neighborhood.”

“yeah, we fell on some hard times but you know we managed. anyway, how’s your son?” the second lady replied. The poor woman said Continue Reading.


God, Man, The man found God, Inspiring short stories on positive attitude, Inspirational, short story about God, Short story

A spiritual story of a man who found God. The Story:

One man was always told about God that God is this, God is that. So, One day he decided to find God and see for himself what he really looks like.

He went for miles. Days become weeks and weeks become years, but didn’t find God. Everyone he met on the way, he just asked the same question.

” Have you seen God, What does it look like.”

Each one he met tells a different story. Some said they have seen and some just ignore him calling him mad. But Continue Reading.


how to live life better, how to live life happily, how to live a good life, short stories, inspirational short stories

Short stories of a Girl. A difficult question to answer.

Everyone’s competitive life is consumed by the tension of the work, home, kids, finance, etc. and each one has this question: How to live a better life? how to live life happily? How to live a stress-free life

Here we have a list of short stories of a girl that she lived in her life. These explain how to live life alone and happy. 

  1. Life Lesson in a metro.
  2. Different perspectives on life.
  3. Enjoy every moment.
  4. Life is too short to be Sad.
  5. Pollution was higher earlier than now.
  6. A Solution to Poverty.
  7. How to not let words hurt you.