Funny Stories with moral for adults, for kids

In this world of sadness, there is always some stories to bring back the light and smile on your face. Some Funny stories we have collected for you. Best stories to read and share with your family and friends. Funny stories with a collection of stories for kids and for adults

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List of all Short Funny Stories for adults:

  1. Gender Joke
  2. Jokes on Government
  3. Oh God, she knows all,
  4. I wish I had informed her,
  5. Mouthology,
  6. How to make your wife feel loved?
  7. I’ll fly away,
  8. Air is Guilty,
  9. A not so nice, old man,
  10. Media, you can’t control it,
  11. Woman in the boat,
  12. Kiss and slap,
  13. Waiter with a Spoon,
  14. Goodbye, papa,
  15.  Never ever dare to touch me again.


A computer joke which becomes a gender joke

This is a Computer joke which is basically a short story which happened in a school during a Spanish class but the class ended in a hilarious way and becomes a gender joke. Continue Reading.


jokes on Government

This is a short story of an incident in a village with government officers. Such are the jokes on Government. Different departments focus on different motives thus some extremely amusing jokes happen. An interesting incident happened with a villager too. Continue Reading.


she knows all

Here is a short story of a girl and she knows all. Actually, the incident happens in such a way that it seems that she knows all but such a short story really makes it difficult to hold your laughter. Continue Reading.


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funny old woman

A short story of a happening during a journey with a funny old woman. Old people are really funny. Sometimes their funny replies to a situation make it more enjoyable. Some occasions with Old people in the metros, trains, buses make others angry and happy at the same time. Continue Reading.


boat joke

A short story of a conversation between a sailor and a professor which make a new boat joke. The terminology used is really funny to read and make you roll on the floor laughing. Continue Reading.


How to make your wife feel loved?

Here is a trick very well explained by this man with an example. A simple trick to teach you how to make your wife feel loved? Always being available, always being loved, always being cared is the basis of this relationship. Continue Reading.


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clever one liners, one liners, one liners with a twist

Here is a story of a cute fight between a professor and his student. Their clever one-liners with a twist make the story more interesting. One hates and latter enjoys. Continue Reading.


school punishment, punishment, school

An incident of school punishment in the classroom during the school days. Such incidents are common during school times which makes school life memorable. When I read it, it reminds me of my school and therefore it is here for you. Enjoy. Continue Reading.


Bicycle accident, clever owner, funny story

A very interesting short story. A story of a boy who met a bicycle accident and then what happened next is common to such a situation where people gather to give their free advice but doesn’t offer any help. but then fun happen. Continue Reading.


Media, Funny Story, Short Story

This is a story which shows the reality of the media and news channels. Media nowadays is just busy making anything crispy and anything breaking. Sometimes their attempts go a little and make a piece of hilarious news. Continue Reading.


Woman, Boat, Woman in Boat, Funny Story, Short Story

A short story of a woman in a boat which is really fun to read and her witty reply to the situation makes it much interesting. Continue Reading.


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Kiss, Slap, Kiss and Slap, Funny Story

In a train compartment, there were four companions – A Project Manager, his team member, an old woman, and her young daughter. During the course of time get themselves introduced to each other and became friends. Continue Reading


waiter with a spoon, funny story

Last week, I took some friends out to a brand new restaurant opened in our city. There I noticed that the waiter who took our order had a spoon in his shirt pocket. The ending is more hilarious the reason. Continue Reading.


goodbye papa, funny story

A father, at night, took his three-year-old daughter to bed, and listened to her prayers, she ended by saying, “God bless mom, God bless papa, God bless granny, and goodbye grandpa.” Father finds it strange, “Why did you say, goodbye grandpa?” His little daughter looked at him and said, “I don’t know, papa. It’s just that the thought came to me.” The next morning grandpa died.  The Father thought… Continue Reading.


taxi, jokes, funny stories, stories, funny, driver jokes

Never ever dare to touch me again. A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question. The driver shouts aloud, Car gets out of control and nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped inches away from a shop window. For a second there was complete silence in the cab, then the driver said, “Sir, don’t you ever do that again. You nearly killed…Continue Reading