What can you do for your love? I moved a Mountain – Mountain Man

What is love? | What can you do for your love? True Motivational Story – Mountain Man

What is love? A strength, a power. Strength, powerful enough to move a mountain. What can you do for your love? Move a mountain? Possibly you can, because Mountain man Dashrath Manjhi had Done it only for his love.

mountain man, What can you do for your Love

He moved a mountain for love.

Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi was a poor coal miner before he met the love of his life. Dashrath and Falguni lived happily in the remote village of Gehlour, And Each day, Falguni would trek through a mountain to bring him lunch.

During this daily ritual, she slipped on the path and plummeted down the side of a cliff.

Dashrath could only watch helplessly,

And his beloved wife flew through the air and landed hard on the ground.

He cradled her in his arms, screaming for help, but nobody could hear his cries.

The nearest hospital was over 40 miles away and would require trekking across a dangerous mountain. Dashrath watched her die in his arms

But vowed that no other villager would know such pain, and they should not be denied essential medical care, because of the 300 feet mountain that stood in their way.

“I could not bear it. If it took all my life now, I would carve us a road through the mountain.” – Mountain man Dashrath Manjhi

His 3 goats were all he owned, but he sold them, To buy the tools he needed to begin his life’s work. Armed with only a sledgehammer, chisel, and crowbar, He spent every single day breaking up rock after rock, Even when his fellow villagers called him crazy.


But Dashrath refused to accept losing Falguni, He knew there was a better way of life out there, Even if he had to carve it out with his own two hands. The more he was mocked the stronger his resolve. He worked from the moment the sun rose, until late in the night. Every day for over 22 years he worked through sweat and tears, Refusing to let Falguni’s death be in vain.

His dedication and selfless efforts did not go unnoticed, and those who once mocked him, now brought him food and tools, Dashrath carved a road stretching over 300 feet taking the journey to town from 40 miles to less than 1.

Finally, the villagers had access to hospitals and doctors. Dashrath became known as the ‘mountain man’, Who had created a mountain of good out of a terrible tragedy. When he lost his wife, Dashrath lost his life’s path, But he knew it’s never too late to carve out a new one…

what can you do for your love

” I started this work out of love for my wife but continued it for my people. If I did not, no one would.” -Mountain man Dashrath Manjhi”

what can you do for your love

So, what can you do for your love?



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