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Short Stories collection to help you in stopping running the rat race and with a pause live in the present. And leave the future for the future…

Welcome the lion on the path | Live in the Present

A short lion story, I heard in a video of Mooji shared during the 2012 Silent Retreat in Tiruvannamalai

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Welcome the lion on the path.

There was a girl. She was just about to get married on the next day, and she’s been planning everything for this wedding because it’s a traditional place.

The wedding is on the very next so today, she must make the final arrangement. She lives in the forest. So, she went to finalize the arrangements for the wedding day.
In her mind, she is busy making the checklist.

First I must go to the cake maker. And after the cake maker, I have to visit the dressmaker. After the dressmaker I must see the priest, to go through my vows. And then finally at evening I am going to meet my beloved, and we’ll have a cup of tea together, look forward to tomorrow, and then tomorrow I’ll be, we’ll be in each other’s arms, oh wonderful! And she’s full of the joys of Spring.

And she was going on her way through the forest to go to see the cake maker, first appointment on the list. After a few steps moving inside the forest, right in front of her, comes a lion. Face to face. A Hungry lion.

she could feel it’s breath. Then in that instant, the cake maker’s appointment is gone. Then the dressmaker, not there. The priest, not there. Even the beloved, also not there. At this moment, absolutely alone. No time, no future, no intention, no past, no identity.

So, through this lion story, the master says, “welcome the lion on your path”.
Moral of the story:

Welcome the lion on your path Because until then, you are planning a tomorrow you don’t have, the next week that nobody promise and all of this.

What will bring you back to this very moment? When will you spend a few moments in just being you in the present moment? Not carrying some message for tomorrow or something.

It’s the habit that all of us have. We are full of noise. And that will strip you back to that place. We spend most of the time in making plans, making a checklist, making to-do-list. And forget to even live the moment. Even when the time comes for what we were planning, that very moment is also wasted in thinking of the future. which is not promised to anyone.

We need to ” welcome the lion on our path” on a regular basis. So as to enjoy the moment and live the present first instead of staying lost in the future.

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  • Which wife will go with you in your afterlife? | live in the Present

A king and four Wives inspirational story. A short story to inspire you and take a better view of things you need to care more.

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Story: Four wives inspirational story

Once upon a time, there was a king, one day the king got sick and was on his deathbed, afraid of being in the afterlife alone. He called for her fourth wife, whom he loved the most and bought her precious diamonds, gold, and elegant clothing.

He asked her, “Would you die with me? and go with me to the afterlife?”

His fourth wife moved away, a little and replied, ” I’m sorry, I can’t do that and walked away.”

He also loved his third wife. He was the one whom he admired a lot and would show her off to neighboring kingdoms.

So, he asked his third wife, “would you accompany me to the afterlife.”

The third wife replied ” I love my life very much, I can not go with you, I’m sorry and after your death, I’m going to remarry. “

His second wife was the one who has always been there for him in his good and bad times. So he asked, ” would you go to the afterlife with me.”

The second wife then replied, ” I’m sorry but I can’t assist you out this point but what I can do is organize your funeral and I will be there for your funeral.”

A voice called out and said, “I’ll leave with you and follow you wherever you go even if it is to the afterlife.

The king looked and it was his first wife, but this was the wife that he took care of the least. He felt ashamed and said, “I’m sorry for my ignorance, I should’ve given attention to you and given you better care and love when I was young and healthy. “

Moral of the story: Four wives inspirational story

We all have four wives,

Our fourth wife is our body. we love to adore it with nice jewelry, nice clothing but in the end, it can’t follow us to the afterlife.

The third wife represents our possessions. We spend our whole life, time trying to gather possessions but in the end, they cannot follow us to the afterlife it will be given to other people and divided. Just like the 3rd wife said she’s going to remarry.

The second wife, our friends, and family. We have faith in them, they’re there for us always in times of wants. but the furthest they can go with us is to our funeral and send us off.

Our first wife represents our soul. We usually neglect taking care of our soul. The soul is the only one that is truly ours and will go with us in the afterlife.

Care for your body, keep it healthy.

Enjoy your possessions and the comfort they provide.

Appreciate your friends and family for the love, care, and support that they provide.

But don’t forget to take care of your soul, nourish your soul. Give time to yourself, Give time to Prayers, Give time to meditate, because it is the strength, and source of all of your life and your most faithful friend.

Hope this story can guide you or somebody that you love.

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