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limitless | Nick Vujicic

Check out the Limitless story of a limbless Man Nick Vujicic. The man with no Limbs.

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Nick Vujicic’s story is one of the most inspirational stories and motivational ones. The problems, your reasons, your excuses, you use to hide the pain of even giving it a try are just nothing in comparison to the life of this incredible man.

Born with no limbs, i.e. no hands, no legs only a little flipper alike leg. Even then, Nick Vujicic lives a life which can only be imagined by most.

Who is Nick Vujicic?

He is a Painter, Swimmer, Skydiver, and a motivational speaker who inspires people with full capability.

nick Vujicic, limitless, inspirational,

While struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically and Bullied at school, he tried to attempt suicide when he was just an age of 10 years.

Now, Finally dealing with disability, Nick decided to become vocal about living without limbs and finding hope and inspiration in life.

What has he done?

This charismatic Australian Nick Vujicic now travels the world addressing huge crowds. He has traveled around the globe visiting more than 57 countries and given over 3,000 talks, some of which have attracted a huge audience of more than 110,000 people.

nick vujicic, limitless, inspirational, limbless

Nick Vujicic has also founded a non-profit organization and ministry which works internationally, Life Without Limbs.

The motive of the Organization is to campaign against bullying. Nick is full of life and holds a story to inspire each one who knows him or reads him.

Does Nick live a normal life?

He lives a life more than just normal. He loves to paint, swim, skydive, and surf. Happily married to Kanae Miyahara, Nick is the proud father of two sons and two daughters. 

Growing up, Nick never imagined himself as a married man with a beautiful wife and would have his own kids.

What is Nick Vujicic marriage story?

Looking back now at the starting of his life in the struggle, Nick probably feels how things turned out and which seems impossible a few years ago has already happened for him in the end.

For Nick, it turned out amazingly well as the person he is married to is the same woman whom he laid his eyes on for the first time and fall in love. It was truly God made Match in heaven.

He met Kanae back in 2008 when she was attending one of his motivational speeches. It was the moment Nick realized she is the one meant to be with him.

On the Kanae side, She was already impressed by his sense of humor. She even thought of him as her perfect match and still believes he is the most handsome person he ever knew.

He Proved it. Life is limitless. limits are what we choose. 



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A short story on Limitless | Corporate Story


Inspirational short story


This a story of an office, of a corporate world to be limitless. It is a story of 9 to 5 employees. Every developed and developing country has this population which drives the country and In their 9 to 5 job there are a lot of questions, a lot of stress they carry with them. Most of the employees feel jealous of each other whenever one gets ahead and got a promotion.

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Here this story deals with the same kind of psychology and gives a better view to look through.

One morning, in an office, when all the employees went to their desks, where they find a letter on the desk. and when they opened it. it reads as

” Congratulation, you are being promoted as our employee who is holding your promotion died yesterday. If you want to meet him and see who was he. visit the church next to our office today at 11 O’clock. “

All the employees suddenly went to the church to visit him. All had a little sadness but a lot of happiness that the man died who was holding their promotion.

One by one, each employee went to pay goodbye. They were surprised to see the person in the coffin. The coffin had a mirror. They saw themselves in the mirror.
They feel regret in their thoughts.

Moral of the story:
The only one standing in the way of your promotion, your success is none other than you. Your corporate story is what you make of it. It is you who sets the limits and control your belief that what you can do and what you can’t.

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