Covid 19 (Corona Virus) Survivor Stories

Covid surviWhile the number of coronavirus deaths has risen, most people who contract the virus go on to get better.
People are facing comparatively mild symptoms, or no symptoms. Others have no option but hospital treatment. We have collected some such covid survivor stories who were hospitalized after developing Covid-19 and recovered. These survivor stories showcases the humans strong spirit of survival.
People are at various stages of life and are healing in isolation. Here are a few covid survivor stories.

Covid survivor stories

Covid survivor stories

“The wind was Incredible” Covid Survivor Story from Mexico.

Covid Survivor 1 – Jessie Lee, Mexico

‘I was struggling for my life and my baby’s life’
Jessie lee is a six months pregnant lady. She was struggling with cough and high grade fever during the second week of March, but hospital staff were cautious of bringing her in.

On day 11, that changed.

“We called Ambulance and that sounded so bad. An ambulance was at our house within minutes,” explains Karim, her husband. “Jessie was practically gasping for air, so they immediately put her on oxygen.”

Jessie tested positive for Covid-19. She was hospitalized for a week after contracting pneumonia in both lungs.
“Meeting them was restricted,” they said.

“It was a lonely, dark time in my life.”

When Jessie had trouble breathing, she would buzz for assistance and have to wait for workers to put on their protective gear before they could support her.

My family said they had planned for the worst because I was afraid I might die.

“Jessie was fighting for every single breath. She was fighting for her and our baby’s life.”

Karim says she will never forget the feeling of crisp, cold air on her face the day she left hospital.

“With our face masks on and the windows open, my husband and I drove home,” she says. “The wind was incredible. I found myself appreciating even the tiniest of stuff.”

We were really thankful to the doctors for helping us in this fight and their cooperation.

Jessie had dry cough and weakness for nearly 2 to 3 weeks but now she’s completely fine and has given birth to our baby.

By God’s grace our baby is a healthy child and we are now more cautious about everything. We take all necessary precautions to stay safe from covid

Next covid survivor story is from California,USA. “It could happen to anyone”

Covid Survivor 2– Daniel Hill, California

When I first came down with symptoms of COVID-19, I thought I can overcome on my own, but I was wrong!

I got infected in mid-March, after attending a family funeral in Los Angeles where one of my cousin who was with COVID but didn’t had any symptom. A few days later, I had high fever.

I contacted my Doctor, who sent me for X-rays and lab tests. It turned out I had pneumonia and was positive for COVID-19, despite the fact that I wasn’t having any trouble in breathing.

I was persuaded that with antibiotics and fluids, I could battle it at home. My wife, Debbie, insisted on calling an ambulance two days after my diagnosis because I wasn’t eating or drinking.

I don’t remember much about that journey. Apparently as soon as I got to the hospital I was taken in the ICU and put on a ventilator as my pneumonia was diffusing rapidly into my lungs.

I stayed two weeks in the hospital. I have spent two weeks in recovery, and the only way I could see my wife was through a glass curtain, which I would wave at. It was heart throbbing to see how tough it was for her.

When I finally get back home, I was cherished by a surprise homecoming. But my recovery hasn’t been easy it was extremely a tough time for me and my family.

Debbie and I go on regular walks, I go to Kaiser twice a week for physical and occupational therapy. I’m also recovering from nerve damage in my hands caused by lying on the ventilator in the intensive care unit.

I hardly get sick, but this time I did.

People believe that this is a disease that only affects those who are at high risk, but I’ve always been an involved and safe person.

I seldom get colds, but this one swept through my lungs like a hurricane. It could happen to anyone. Wear your masks.


Covid Survivor 3 – Kanta Rani, Noida

62-year-old in Noida recovers.
It began with a cough, followed by breathlessness and fever. The 62-year-old woman Kanta Rani from Noida and her son had travelled to London.

And soon, these two and the rest of the family as well, became the city’s biggest cluster with nine cases.

Now, the 62-year-old Kanta Rani is back to her home, one of the senior citizen in Noida to have recovered. She gives courage to her family to keep themselves internally strong and get recovered soon.

She said – I’m incredibly thankful for each and every person that put themselves in harm’s way to help me get better. I’m not sure where I’d be without them. They were so caring and inspiring, despite everything that was happening within the world.”

She also has one advice to share “stay positive”.
More things, she said, made it possible for her to see herself through her time in hospital a supportive medical staff.

When you first get to know about the illness, you get scared.

Then, you discover yourself within the middle of it, your own situation worsens and when you overcome it all and come home back, people avoid you and your family.

But I told my children to remain strong and think positive. There is no point brooding about how people respond. We should stand back, as it is best for everybody. Simply adhere to the recovery plan and train yourself mentally. That’s the most important way to get better,” she said.

The mother and son were discharged on Friday after they recovered. Now she waits for her husband, daughter-in-law, four grandchildren and their servant to get home back.

She said – I asked all my family members to maintain hygiene and wash their hands regularly to keep the deadly disease at bay.


“I don’t think CoronaVirus is a Scam” Another one of the Covid survivor stories from Japan.

Covid Survivor 4 – Yua Tanaka, Japan

I got second chance to live and I am grateful for it,” said Yua Tanaka.

I work in a private hospital in Fukuoka State and being a health worker, I knew the high exposure risk of the coronavirus. So, to cut back the danger, I scanned up relevant information about the virus. Also, I took an online course on “How to be better equipped”.

However, nothing helped me as for two weeks I spent battling COVID-19 at the Hospital.

My colleague and I went for self-isolation for fourteen days after the exposure. I tested positive for COVID-19 and received my results within the time frame. Since I was asymptomatic, I assumed all was well, but on the sixteenth day, this deadly disease struck.

I sent a text to my fiancée on the third day of being on oxygen. I told him I don’t know what is going to happen, I’ll be able to make it or not, he should remain strong. He called me right away and told me I wasn’t leaving. He ensured me that I was transferred to Hospital for proper management.”

“Despite the fact that I am not a careless person, I became infected with the virus. COVID-19 has taught me to be even more cautious when it comes to following all precautions, such as handwashing, wearing a facemask, and maintaining a safe physical distance.

I, now don’t go out except for work. I feel really bad whenever I see people who thinks coronavirus is a scam.

Many people still deny the existence of COVID-19, and many people roam around every day without putting on a facemask or maintaining physical distance.

“I’m confident that the corona virus will be eradicated one day, but we’ll need to work together to get there.”


Covid Survivor 5– Naresh Kamboj, Haryana

COVID-19 survivors, who have been discharged from Haryana hospital, after his complete recovery on Monday and he has urged people not to lose hope on the system and follow government guidelines to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

The survivor Naresh Kamboj discharged from the Park Hospital, COVID Hospital in Karnal on April 10.

Naresh had tested positive to COVID-19 during screening even though they had no such flu, fever and dry cough symptoms.

He was less worried since he didn’t have any symptoms at all. He was thankful to the doctors for detecting COVID-19 on time and doing proper treatment so that He recovered completely,” said the survivor, who is just a normal Delivery Driver in Haryana.

Apart from abiding the guidelines, one should develop self-confidence to defeat the Covid-19 , the Haryana survivor said, adding that doctors, nurses and family members boost his mental courage and self confidence which helped him a lot in surviving.

He said he will always be indebted to family for the several video calls, and the streaming apps for showing latest action movies that kept me “busy and happily engaged” during such times of distress.

Similarly, he said that early detection of the COVID-19 virus helped him to overcome the disease on time.
“I thank God for giving me another shot at life,” he said. After learning about the COVID-19 status, I was in a lot of mental pain.

However, those close to me, such as doctors and nurses, have always predicted that I will reco,ver quickly, and they have been proven correct, he said.

He insisted all to follow the social distancing norms, wash hands frequently, stay home and follow government guidelines to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Two health battles, and not winning” this one among the Covid Survivor stories is most heart-piercing.

Covid Survivor 6 – Kamsen Carmen, Northern Ireland’s

A Belfast, Northern Ireland’s, baby spent much of 2020 in the hospital fighting two health battles, and not winning.

Kamsen Carmen was already fighting with his lungs disease when he received a diagnosis for COVID-19.
Kamsen’s parents live far away but they traveled across state lines and they eventually relocated to a place near the hospital to aid her baby boy in his health journey.

His parents had those moments in between their many hospital visits.

“Nearly once a month, or at times twice a month,” said Kamsen’s mom told.

At just 2 months old, Kamsen developed a rare lungs disease called Pneumonia.

He was very weak and would need ready for the treatment at that time.

When his lungs began to fail, we had to lift the stakes.
Then his parents decided to take him hospital in Belfast, was the best option for kamsen’s procedure. But between her back-and-forth visits to the hospital and waiting for word with a doctor, his parents wound up back in Northern Ireland’s after kamsen developed a fever.

Kamsen tested positive for COVID-19 at that time. We were worried he wouldn’t be able to make it. We were unsure that he’ll be able to suppress the COVID-19,” said his Mom.

After four days in the hospital, Kamsen pulled through COVID-19.

“He always seems to wow his doctors. His mother described him as a “blessing” and a “miracle.”

Two weeks later, in December, another miracle occurred. Kamsen had a lungs treatment.

All I could do was weep because my heart was overjoyed, His Mother explained.

Kamsen got the procedure in January and his mom says he’s in good spirits. This was truly a blessing for Kamsen.


It’s true that this is a hard time for everyone. Everything is going against what they had planned. But a little hope is what it takes to go through this worst nightmare. Stay healthy and stay strong. Keep yourself and your family safe. Nothing in this world is permanent, this too shall pass.

This article is made possible by Ms. Tamanna Mehta.

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