Short survival stories, you won’t believe, are True.

Most life is programmed for survival and when it comes to survival against all law, Humans have done the incredible. These are some rare incidents of Survivals in dangerous sea, high mountains, Wilderness survival stories and Here are some of the Short survival stories, you must read.

Short survival Stories, that are True

  1. No Water, 9 days in the desert
  2. Joe Simpson’s Impossible Fall
  3. Black Mamba Attack
  4. 127 hours in Hell
  5. 76 days as Aquatic Caveman
  6. Ernest Shackleton Expedition Team
  7. Mauled by a Grizzly
  8. 3 Week in Amazon
  9. 2 Years as Prisoner of War
  10. Walk for survival through the Himalayas and Gobi Desert. 

Humans, even when faced with the shipwrecked, Bear attacks and even bitten by a black mamba in the middle of nowhere without help, They will show the extraordinary endurance and survival spirit.

Short survival stories, wilderness survival stories, true motivational stories,

Humans will do anything to survive and we mean anything. If you like incredible tales of survival then check out these most incredible short survival stories.

– No water, 9 days in the Desert | Desert Survival Story

Marathon Runner

Marathon des Sables, or MdS, also known as the Sahara Marathon which means the marathon of the sand. It is 156 miles or 251 km designed to take 6 days to complete.

In 1994, Runners Mauro Prosperi braved the challenge in an attempt to finish the brutal and tiresome race but in the middle of the race, a catastrophic sandstorm blinded the Prosperi’s vision.

Losing his sense of direction, ran a complete off course by several hundred miles all the way in Algeria with nothing to eat and drink.

he survived for 9 long days by drinking his own urine, eats bats he found within an abandoned shrine, reptiles, and insects.

After a few days of living in this horrible condition Prosperi attempt to take his life but failed.

Eventually, he gathered his barrings and attempted to find help after walking many more miles, he finally collapses near the oasis where he was found and taken to Algeria military camp.

At the end of it all, he was 186 miles off the route and he had lost a staggering 40 pounds. But Survived to tell his Desert Survival Story.


– Joe Simpson’s Impossible Fall | Mountain Survival Story

Crawling 6 miles in 4 days with a broken leg

A mountain survival story

Climbing partner 25-year-old Joe Simpson and 21-year old Simon Yates were the first people to climb the west face of Sula grande which has an elevation of almost 20,814 feet.

They victoriously overcame the ascent but when it came to descending something really bad happened.

Simpson ended up breaking his leg and both assumed it was a death sentence considering where they were.

Yates gave Simpson a couple of pain relievers and tied him into a bucket seat and lowered the injured Simpson down the mountain slope paying out 300 feet of rope and climbing down the mountain and doing it again and again for hours.

However, a blizzard hit them and Simpson was overhanging on the last of the rope. Both climbing partners knew that eventually, Yates would lose his strength and which would be a fatal ending for both climbers.

Yates made the only possible choice and severed the rope to save himself. Miraculously Simpson survived the fall landing on the narrow edge with only minor injuries.

By pure willpower, he crawled all the way back to the base. Journeying a whopping 6 miles over 4 days. He finally reached his way back to the camp where he was reunited with Yates who was surprised to see that his climbing partner not only survived but somehow dragged himself back to the camp.


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His injuries resulted in 6 surgical operations and after all of the surgeries. Numerous doctors told he would never walk or climb again.

However, Simpson’s willpower showed once more and after two years of rehabilitation, he returned to the mountains.

And by the way, Simpson was thankful to Yates for his efforts to save him and trying so hard for Simpon’s survival.


Black Mamba Attack | Wilderness Survival Story

Far from home, 2 hours late to the initial line.

A short survival story in the Wilderness

One of the most important things to do when venturing out in the wilderness is to tell someone exactly when and where are you going.

Danny Pinar failed to do this and it almost cost him his life.

Pinar was researching wild white rhinos in South Africa when he found himself in the most dangerous situation ever.

While he was crossing through some waters in a stream, he noticed a very large snake creeping up towards him. With a sudden jolt of pain behind his knees and with a quick inspection Danny immediately knew that the bite was from a venomous black mamba snake, which is territorial and very aggressive.

Knowing he had to get professional medical help as soon as possible, Danny sprinted back to his car through the thicket of the jungle and drove well over 100 miles per hour on a road until he saw another vehicle that would help him.

Eventually, he made it to the hospital. By that time, it was 2 hours over the initial line. He was unable to speak and paralysis was overtaking his body. The doctors were able to act quickly and he made a slow but effective recovery.

Thus somehow managed to survive for a Short wilderness survival story.

– 127 Hours in Hell | Mountain Survival Story

Between a rock and a hard place.

You might have heard of Aron Ralston through Hollywood Movie named 127 hours starring James Franco but if you haven’t. This story is incredible, a mountain survival story.

While exploring the Blue John Canyon in Utah. Ralston made a descent where the worst possible thing could happen.

A boulder dislodged and leads to severely injuring Aron’s left hand and also crushing his right hand against the rock wall.

He was completely trapped. Spending 5 days trapped between the canyon he survived on eleven ounces of water and two burritos that he had brought with him.

During this time, he tried to break the boulder and free his arm but failed.

On the fourth day, He attempted to amputate his own trapped arm but came to the conclusion that the tools were not sufficient to complete the task.

On the last day, he drank his own urine, carved his name into the side of the wall and videotaped a goodbye message to his family.

However, during that night, he had a hallucination of him playing with his future child without his right arm.

This gave him the motivation to finally amputate his arm and Aron propelled himself out.

He walked 6 miles, where a family found him.

The story is so unbelievable, that we do insist you on watching the movie – 127 Hours. 

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– 76 Days as Aquatic Caveman | Survival story at sea

Story of Callahan

Callahan departed the Canary Islands on January 29, 1982, and seven days later his entire life changed forever.

In the middle of the night, an unknown object struck his boat in the middle of a storm, he later decided the unknown object must have been a whale. The result of this was that his boat was non-functioning and he had to abandon it for an inflatable life raft.

Callahan was able to dive down to the sinking boat to retrieve some essential items necessary for survival. Overnight he was totally separated from his boat and now it was just him floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean.

After exhausting all of his food and water Callahan relied on his skills to spear the fish, birds, and more and his knowledge to filter ocean water and collect rainwater.

Although Callahan had flares and radio beacons, every attempt to rescue was a failure.

The only thing he could do was survive.

After 76 days living as an aquatic caveman, the local fishermen of Guadalupe rescued him and brought him to the hospital.

He had traveled a total of 2050 miles across the ocean and had dealt with the physical and mental challenges for over two months before he was finally rescued.


– Ernest Shackleton’s Expedition Team | Survival at sea

1914 voyage

Ernest Shackleton was an avid explorer and successful adventurer, who is responsible for numerous expeditions.

He was one of the first people to travel towards the Antarctic and on his first journey in 1901, he conquered a life-threatening illness but survived and brought back valuable information back to Britain.

He is most famously known for his 1914 voyage. However, this was his third trip to the Atlantic Ocean on a ship named endurance.

The plan was to cross Antarctica via the south pole but the ship became trapped. Being struck for nearly ten months before sinking completely.

Shackleton and his crew abandoned the ship and made it to the Elephant Island in 1916.

He and five of his original crew members took smaller ships and traveled 807 miles.

Twenty-two men waited while Shackleton sailed to South Georgia to get rescue for the rest of his crew.

He arrived at a whaling station two weeks later but it took three long months before he was able to approach Elephant Island because of the harsh Antarctic sea ice, however, the rest of the crew was finally rescued on a third mission.

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– Mauled by a Grizzly | Wilderness Survival story

The Revenant – Hugh Glass

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar playing Hugh Glass in the highly successful film – The Revenant. The movie is based on the astonishingly true story about this frontier man who defied all odds and survived Wilderness within the current day, South Dakota.

He and several others were put into an impossible situation when Glass was mauled by a grizzly bear severely injuring him.

he was able to defeat the bear with the help of his group but ultimately his injuries were so bad that the rest of his team thought he was going to perish from the wounds.

The group decided to split up. Two people stayed with glass while the others continued forward.

however, it was later learned that the two, who stayed with glass claimed that they were attacked by the Arikara tribe, resulting in them having to abandon glass and taking all of his weapons and equipment.

But little did they know, glass survived and through sheer willpower was able to make his way back 200 miles where he exposed his former team for abandoning him and leaving him for dead.

This is one of the world-famous Survival stories, which is based on the true incident. 


– 3 Weeks in Amazon | Wilderness Survival story

Yossi Ghinsberg – An Explorer, attacked, drowned but survived

Yossi Ghinsberg and three other explorers uncharted areas of the Amazon in Bolivia. One of those earlier identified himself as a geologist but later it was found that he was a wanted criminal and he is searching for some kind of treasure.

So, others decided to get out of the wild. The two made a raft and decided to go via stream but one stayed as he doesn’t know how to swim.

All was going well until he and another Explorer encountered a waterfall that separated them.

Ginsberg attempted to find him for the next four days but came to the realization that he himself was lost.

From there, he spent the next three weeks in the Amazon and it was the most difficult three weeks for his life.

within these three weeks he was attacked by the predators, almost drowned during a flood, scavenged for any possible food and hallucinating to the point where he wanted to end it all.

However, one day he miraculously heard the sound of an engine and he was rescued and spent the next three months in the hospital recovering and made to the list of Wilderness Survival stories.


– 2 Years as Prisoner of War

John McCain – Survival story of a Prisoner

John McCain is famous for a whole allotment of things but perhaps one of the most interesting and incredible things about his life was that he was a prisoner of war on October 26, 1967.

McCain was shot down by a missile while flying his aircraft over Hanoi.

During his ejection, He fractured both arms and a leg and when he landed was captured by the North Vietnamese who continued to torture and interrogated him for information.

He was refused medical treatment until they realized that his father was an admiral of war.

In 1968, he spent two years in solitary confinement where he was also tortured intensely. 

His captors wanted to make anti-US propaganda and he finally broke.

He had always felt his acts were dishonorable but finally admitted later that everyone has a breaking point on March 14, 1973, McCain was finally released and reunited with his family.


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– Walk for survival through the Himalayas and the Gobi Desert | Mountain Survival Story

Slavomir Rawicz

The Famous Book The Long Walk tells the true story of Slavomir Rawicz, which is also the author of the book.

Rawicz was a lieutenant for the Polish Army and was imprisoned by the People’s Commissariat for Internal affairs or NKVD.

He alongside thousand of prisoners was brought to a gulag camp 303.

The book describes how he and six others escaped from the camp during a furious blizzard in 1941.

In their journey, they traveled from Siberia to India which required them to cross the Himalayas and the Gobi desert. Four of them died on this escape but the rest was able to find rescue and were brought to a hospital in Calcutta.


We hope you enjoyed reading these short survival stories.



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