Rules to be followed in Shopping Mall, that may cost you trouble and sometime, Money

Before visiting a new place or even visiting the place well known, the first thing one must do is to know the rules and regulations. Here we have the rules for shopping malls that you must know before visiting there with your family. So, What are the rules to be followed in shopping malls?

Rules to be followed in Shopping Malls

Shopping rules, regulations of malls, Shopping malls

Rules are made to save you from troubles. Here are the rules you follow because these may be illegal in some malls and may even cost you. So, don’t forget to read the rules at least once and save yourself from any kind of problems.

What this Article contains:

Firstly, we are going to provide you the broad view of the rules that each mall has and the rules to be followed in the shopping mall that each one should know before visiting any mall.

and then, the illegal things that may cost you some trouble and sometimes, money.

List of malls security rules and regulations:

Shopping rules, regulations of malls, Shopping malls

Rules to be followed on entering the shopping mall.

  1. Observe and obey all national, state and local laws for a public place.
  2. No smoking, no alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs, paraphernalia permitted.
  3. No Fire Arms, Sharp instruments, explosives, inflammable materials of such kind are permitted.
  4. Animals and pets, whether small or large not allowed unless taken permission beforehand.
  5. Dress Code: You must have a decent attire and no exposed undergarments.
  6. All personal belongings are of the respective owner’s risk.

Rules to be followed in the shopping complex.

  1. No Fighting, harassment, offending others or provoking of any nature.
  2. No Shouting, making loud noises, or using indecent languages or playing loud music.
  3. Refrain from defacing or damaging mall property.
  4. Use Benches and Chairs for sitting only.
  5. Sitting with your feet on top is not permitted.
  6. Running or blocking access to store entrances, corridors or parking areas is not allowed.
  7. Clicking photos, videos, and audio tapes of the shopping complex are not allowed.
  8. No promotions or distribution of literature is permitted without management consent.
  9. Minor should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardians and don’t leave them alone.
  10. You must leave the mall at the closing of the mall.

Rules to be followed at parking:

  1. Do not Park or loiter at the mall entrance.
  2. Your parked vehicle should not cause inconvenience to other customers.
  3. Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight will be towed at owners expense.


So, Now, you know some of the basic rules that you must follow on visiting any mall or shopping complex and save your self from involving in any disputes with the mall staff and the mall security members.

What are the Things that are illegal to do at shopping malls?

These are the things you do, knowingly or unknowingly, but according to the law, are illegal and might cause you some money as well. These rules you break may seem normal at once but if caught, you can be fined or even jailed for the same. As the old saying goes:

Prevention is better than cure.

The rules of the mall that may bring you trouble and even put you in jail are listed below.

  • Photography in malls is illegal.

This is a usual thing you do when visiting shopping with your kids, grabbing lunch with your friends or waiting in a queue at movie theatre i.e. clicking your kid’s and friend’s pics.

BUT Be aware that “Photography in malls is illegal”

Are you snapping some beautiful pictures of the decorations made by the stores and malls staff? or spending some quality time with your kids and friends?

But little did you know, Is Photography in malls illegal?

Yes, it is. Malls may seem public but are private properties though open to the public. Even if the malls have no photo policy. Don’t worry. you are not going to be arrested, Mall security is just allowed to make you leave the mall.

So, the next time you visit the shopping malls or shopping complexes, Try limiting the pictures you click as any click may bring you trouble or get you out of the premises.


  • Shopping malls are no smoking zones

On October 2nd, 2008, India banned Smoking in any public areas that include shopping malls. To know the complete list of the places and whether your country also has a ban in the nationwide smoke-free law, visit the list of smoking bans on Wikipedia

Though, you might be freely enjoying your nicotine till now. But now, you know the rule. Stay healthy and stay safe from any trouble as this may cost you 200 rupees fine or imprisonment or both. I believe that you don’t want to get arrested for smoking in a public place. 


  • The playing of music, musical instruments, or singing in a disruptive manner.

As Shopping malls are private properties which are open to the public, there are some rules that mall premises ask, that a visitor must follow. Playing loud music may cause inconvenience to fellow customers and visitors. 

You may not be fined for this but the security staff can easily throw you out of the complex. Show some dignity toward yourself and respect others rights, Do not spread noise pollution.


  • Shouting, Running in shopping malls is not permitted.

When you are accompanied by kids, shouting and running are two common tasks you perform at any cost. But teach your kids some etiquettes that he must have while you are shopping is always a better choice.

No Running Rule is not just a rule added to make the security staff do some work but it is for the customers good. Who wants to be involved in some conflicts with the fellow customers for their kid’s behavior? No one. 

Shopping malls are usually large buildings and even high enough as well as contains large items. The size and height can harm your child too. 

And I believe, you don’t want to pay for the damages, you kids do while running.

So, stay safe, and far from any kind of troubles and paying extra for breaking some rules.


How to behave in a shopping mall, the etiquettes and manners you must have?

Manners should always be good. Be it’s a mall or shop while shopping or be it a place while traveling or be it a restaurant while eating. Manners represents you, your personality, your culture, your upbringing. So, we should be very careful with our behavior.

Good manners bring fame and Bad manners defame you.

The different places have different rules which represent manners. Good manners are not only for kids but these days, Good manners for adults are also required.

As a child, Everyone teaches manners through books, lectures, lessons and any way possible. But as a child is fully grown up, and the authority goes to his hands, he forgets all the teachings, lessons.

Here we are going to know about a few good manners and etiquettes we need to, not only know but also remember and follow while shopping in the shopping malls.

Avoid being the center of amusement for the bystanders and behave well.

Manners for the parking lot:

  • Always park in the parking area. Avoid no parking areas. Each shopping mall has its own parking area. Ask for the directions and park in the parking lot only. A few cents for the parking won’t hurt your budget. 
  • Do not park in the Handicap space unless you have a handicap sticker. Handicap spaces are for the needy ones. If you are not one, Please, do not park on that spot. You may have saved your time but this may cause inconvenience to the Handicapped.
  • Don’t honk. If you find someone already loaded with packages, babies, groceries, bags, etc…. They already have enough to worry about.
  • Always indicate Before moving to your parking spot and making the turn.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the cars while parking. See, if you have enough space to open the door or not, rather then just banging the door and then noticing.
  • Notice the space beforehand according to your car requirements or you might find some dent or scratch, on your car door when you return from shopping.
  • Always give space to the pedestrians and their right of way.
  • Do not spend much time searching for a spot closest to the elevator or entry gate. The farthest spot will just give you an opportunity to walk and exercise. And it’s only good for your health.


Now, With all the rules you followed in the parking lot makes you a good person and a responsible citizen. Caring for others is no evil. It’s the right way to live.

At this moment, you are in the Shopping mall now.

Manners while Shopping, one must know and follow:

  • Hold the Door for the ones coming out of the mall with big packages, bags, toddlers, etc. and are fully loaded. This is the first thing you can do while shopping. This little gesture if you show, could make that person’s day. Helping helps.
  • Maintain a slow and decent pace when you are inside. Adjust yourself with the surrounding. Moving fast or stopping suddenly may cause some undesirable interaction. Don’t block the entrance and allow others to exit first. 
  • Keep yourself away from the entry and exit of the store, while you are deciding the items or just window shopping. This might cause inconvenience to the customers as well to the staff. Even after giving ample space the view can be good enough.
  • Avoiding talking or texting walking in the mall. No one wants to hear your private conversations. So, better keep them to yourselves. This may cause inconvenience to fellow customers.
  • Never shout or scream inside the mall walls. As malls are usually closed structures your voice can echo and disrupt others.
  • Sit and enjoy coffee with your friend when you encounter an old friend rather than disturbing or blocking the way and chit-chatting on the way.  


How to behave in a store?

The list of behaving manners starts as follows:

  • Don’t block the entrance and exit of the store. Always keep in mind that others are also there in the store. allow them to exit and wait for your turn.
  • Don’t cover the shelf or rack while making the choice. Allow others too, to shop as this may be frustrating.
  • Follow the rules of the trial room. Make a queue and wait for your turn and don’t jump the line.
  • Respect the personal space of others. Always keep it in consideration and don’t ever sneak into when someone is looking at the rack or shelf.
  • Don’t take all the time of the floor clerks. Everyone one knows it is their job to answer but there are many others who need assistance in their shopping. So, Ask the question, get the answer and move on. Leave them and go for your shopping.
  • Stand in line at the billing desk and wait for your turn. If you have a bag full of items and the person behind you have just a few. Let him get the billing done before you. This is a little gesture but can make someone’s mod light up.


Are Malls Safe?

Shopping malls are traditionally safe and visited by millions of people each year in each country. But as you are out shopping with your family or friends, remember to stay alert to your surroundings, learn the ESCAPE Model.

There are many measures taken by the security staff to keep you safe but the question may arise.

Shopping rules, regulations of malls, Shopping malls

How to stay safe when visiting a mall at night?

It’s not a good idea to visit a mall at night, even if you have to. Just follow the following 10 simple steps to keep yourself safe.

Don’t take these as Safety tips but make these a habit.

These are the simple tips, you might already know and some may be new. But remember these steps and make these a habit rather than any safety emergency tips. These should be in your daily habits to safety.

  • Always park in well-lit areas that are close to the exit gate. Keep looking around, in and under the car while you return from shopping late at night. If you are alone, don’t hesitate in asking the security guard to escort you.
  • Keep the valuable items like gifts, clothes, cell-phones hid in the dashboard or behind the seats. These may save you from any kind of car break-in. Make it a habit.
  •  Always keep your car keys in your hand while approaching your car. This will help to get into your car quickly and also, in case of emergency, can work as a weapon.
  • Don’t spend much time in parking. Just reach your car, get in, buckle up and leave. The parking lot is just not a good place to have a chit-chat,  or for making phone calls. leave as soon as you reach your car.
  • Keep your phone in your pocket or in hand. Don’t put it in your purse. This can be of great help in an emergency or some purse snatching incident.
  • If possible, always accompany a friend when going out for shopping at night.
  • Always keep the details of where is the nearest exit to the parking lot. This is the first thing you can you before parking your car.

Shopping rules, regulations of malls, Shopping malls

How to keep your kids safe at the shopping mall?

Now, the question is how kids can stay safe at shopping malls? Here are the steps to guide you.

  • Always keep the small kids in the stroller. Whether older or younger, don’t let your kid wander around alone. It’s not safe at all.
  • Decide on a meeting place. If you and the kids have to separate always, pre-decide the meeting place. This is always better than searching for them afterward.
  • Make the kids remember their name, address, and phone numbers as early as possible. This is the simplest and the smartest help you can do to your kid. If the kid is small and can’t remember the number. Put a slip in his pocket with a name, address, and the phone number.
  • Never leave your kid alone in the bathroom. Always accompany them and even when you use the restroom don’t let them alone.
  • Always be careful with your kids near the escalator. Keep your kid’s laces tied and check for any clothes that may be stuck in the escalator. Escalator always has an emergency button at the top and the bottom. Run for the button if an emergency happened.


Supermarket Rules and regulation, are they similar to the shopping malls?

The rules are the same as Shopping malls have. Following are the rules:

If you wish to make a purchase, go to an employee and politely ask to buy that item.

  • Do not be use abusive or rude words towards employees or other users, actions will be taken ( actions involve cop involvement, removal, etc)
  • Supermarkets are no smoking zones so, Do not smoke.
  • Please do not loiter while shopping, There is enough space outside to talk to your friends.
  • Do not block, if you do, you can get escorted out of the store.
  • Always be polite, keep in mind, good manners cost nothing!
  • No dancing or loud music or you will be escorted by an officer!
  • Do not show up with no clothes in the supermarket. If you don’t leave, you will be escorted by an officer.

Rules and regulation for supermarket employees?

  •  Do NOT ask for promotions or for your friends to be hired.
  • Only sell items when the customer has asked.
  • Only Supervisors or higher have the power to remove people from the building by calling the police. Lower ranks should have witnesses to do so.
  • Don’t use rude/abusive language towards users or other staff members. (This includes abusing your rights or powers.)
  • Do not order other staff to do anything, ask them politely only.
  • Do not use abusive or explicit language towards anyone whether a customer or staff when working On-Duty at the Supermarket.
  • You should not use the auto typer program of any kind. You may Copy & Paste.


Hope you like the information about the rules to be followed in the shopping malls. If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to comment below. 

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