The man found God

The man found God | An Inspirational story

This is a story, I came through on my Facebook newsfeeds. The man found God. It was really nice to hear it and know it. So, I have this story for you.

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One man was always told about God that God is this, God is that. So, One day he decided to find God and See for himself what he really looks like.

He went for miles. Days becomes weeks and weeks become years, but didn’t find God. Everyone he met on the way, he just asked the same question. ” Have you seen God, What does it look like.” Each one he met tells a different story. Some said they have seen and some just ignore him calling him mad.

When years pass by and didn’t find anything, he remembered Buddha. He remembered that Buddha met God in the Jungle. So, he decided to move towards the jungle now. For weeks, he was in the forest, and one day, he found something, NO, Not the God but animals.

One day, on his search, he was near a river. There, he met a saint. ” Have you seen God, What does it look like”. The saint said, “yes, I have seen him”. “He is in the water, in the tree. wherever you look it is there.”

The Man said,” what nonsense, I have heard this nonsense millions of times”. “Just tell me, Have you seen him or not”.

The saint told him “Yes, I have. If you want to see him just cross the desert and on the other side you will find him.”

The man didn’t believe him, and maybe he is lying and maybe telling the truth. But crossing the desert is the only option left for him.

He started his journey. Walking for days, thirsty and Hungry, he was completely exhausted.

And Then there, he found a pot under a tree. He didn’t know if it had water or not. but ran with all his energy. He looked inside and there was the water.

Just that moment, a bolt of lightning hit the ground and there stands a bright light in front of him. The Voice said, ” Here you have found me, look I’m here. I’m the God.”

The man mad with thirst, replied, “Just a moment, please. Just a moment”. He drank the water and said, “Here is God.”

The Voice, “you made me wait for you, and then said water is your God.”

The man found God.

The man, “Yes, Here is the God, This water.” “You are fake but this is true.”

The Voice, ” See, Told you at the Riverbank through the words of that saint but you didn’t agree.”

The man with tears in his eyes and smile on his face said, ” This is the truth, God is in everything which gives me life. Everything that made me, Everything that is helping me in my survival is God.”

The man found God.

Moral of the Story:

Just answer one question,

Today, If God announces that he has no power, he has nothing to offer you, he doesn’t have happiness for you.

Then, still, would you believe in God?.

Many will say yes, for sure. but the truth is, we are connected with God because we think that he has powers which can take away our pain and will give us happiness. We see him as a man or a single being with lots of powers.

But beneath our body, there are many changes happening, every second. Isn’t it the most powerful blessing he has offered you. As we drink water, when we are thirsty. Isn’t it feels like a shower of God’s love?

God is a feeling and we met him daily. Just feel the moments, which give you satisfaction, relief, happiness. God is in those.



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