Sarah Hyland – Oh, and also, I had kidney failure.

Sarah Hyland | True Motivational Story

Sarah Hyland – A Modern Family Miracle

Sarah Hyland has a real inspirational story to share with you.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

“She lived a secret double life.”

I had gone through 26 years of always being a burden, of always having to be looked after, having to be cared for, Because I’ve always had health issues.

Sarah Hyland opened up about her kidney failure in an interview with Self.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

Sarah knew she made it when she landed her big break on the hit show: Modern Family as stereotypical teen Haley Dunphy.

Behind the scenes, Sarah’s life was anything but easy. Sarah was born with a condition called Kidney Dysplasia. Her kidneys never fully developed. Before her fourth birthday, she had undergone a total of Seven Surgeries.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

Doctors told her that she would never live a normal life. Three years into filming the show, One of Sarah’s kidneys suddenly stopped working, fighting for her life, Sarah tried to remain strong for her family, her fans, and the show.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

It wasn’t until her father got tested that she finally got a chance to breathe. It turned out that he was a match and he wanted to give her his kidney.

Months later, Sarah returned to set with her new kidney. Her career was in full swing and Modern Family was sweeping up all the awards. Things were finally looking up for Sarah.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

But, halfway through season seven of the show. She received bad news yet again. Her body had gone into rejection. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, Sarah went into overdrive. She did all the tests and treatments she could, to allow her body to accept the kidney and spent Christmas, Thanksgiving, New years, and her birthday in the hospital.

Sadly, nothing more could be done.

We did all of these tests and all of these treatments to try to save the kidney but they basically said, the transplanted kidney was like a house that caught on fire. You can’t un-burn a house. And that’s when I started dialysis because everything just went kaput. I need to be hooked up to a machine three times a week for four hours per session.

And at that time, I was, I was very depressed. And for a long time, I was contemplating suicide.

Her weight dropped dramatically and rumors started swirling that she was anorexic.

But offset, Sarah, battled other symptoms in secret. Her face would swell up due to the drugs and her rising blood pressure damaged her vision. And then she got some good news. Her brother was a match.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

When a second family member, someone who you’re supposed to look after, like a little brother, wants to give you a third chance at life. Sarah refused to take another kidney from a loved one.

Still, her brother insisted. Two days before her second transplant. Sarah met the love of her life while attending a party. His name was Wells Adams. Sarah was scared to fall for him. But as the night wore on, She knew that Wells was special. The next day, Sarah was back in the hospital for her transplant. Wells made sure, he FaceTimed Sarah the entire time.

“He’s seen me at my worst, I think that’s why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes.”

For the next few weeks, Sarah was briefly written out of the show so she could recover and when she returned, she was welcomed on set with open arms.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

During this period, Sarah found strength in her family, Wells, and her dogs.

Despite her health struggles and undergoing 16 surgeries throughout her life. Sarah isn’t letting her struggles define her.

My name is Sarah. I have two of the most amazing dogs in the entire world. I have the best boyfriend ever. I have the greatest family one could ask for.

I love working.

sarah hyland, inspirational story, motivational story

Oh, and also, I had kidney failure.

Oh, and also, I’m a two-time kidney recipient.

It was the worst and best year of my life. It started out horrific, and it ended with a beautiful beginning of not just a new chapter but a new book.



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