Good manners vs Bad manners – Meaning, List, Essay, Speech, Paragraph

Manners are what makes a human civilized and developed. Good Manners are what shows our family, culture, and school that we educated from. It is always important to show some manners when we meet someone for the first time or when we are in a formal environment. Good Manners of a man tells others what kind of person one is. So, too much focus on one-word – manners.

What does it actually mean?


What are manners?  what is the meaning of manners?

Good manners, paragraph on good manners, Good manners for kids, good manners for school, good manners for students

In the dictionary, Manners shares two meanings,

  • One, Manners means a way in which a thing is done or happens. The way, the fashion, the mode, the method, the system.

Synonyms of Manner: way, fashion, mode, method, system, methodology, process, procedure, routine, practice.

  • Two, Manners is related to the behavior of a being towards others. the way a person behaves in a group or in a formal as well as informal surroundings. the attitude, the look.

Synonyms of Manner: demeanor, air, attitude, look, appearance, bearing, cast, behavior, comportment.

We know its meaning, according to the dictionary. Now, we need to know what is the need for manners?


Why do we need manners?

Manners are what everyone uses and shows every day. Manners are directly related to the personality of a being. What his manners are towards others, confirms his personality. Etiquettes or Manners plays an important role in understanding any person. People, in their day to day life, reflects their personality through manners. The impression they make on friends, teachers, parents and other people, whom they come in contact with, at various places like at home, work, playground, or school depends on the manners.

A Man’s manners are a Mirror in which he shows his portrait. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


So, what is the purpose of manners?

As discussed above, they show the character of a human being. Manners are more than just holding doors and saying thank you. It continues throughout our lives. It is being polite and understanding others feelings and treating others the way you, yourself wanted to be treated.

Therefore, Manners are needed every day, each day, right from the day a child is able to understand till his old age.


Are all manners the same? Good Manners vs Bad Manners

Are all manners the same? Is there any difference in the way people behave with others? Surely, there are differences. And therefore, Manners can be categorized as Two groups. One Good Manner and second, Bad Manner.

As a being, in a civilized society, it is our moral duty to attain only good manners and also teach our kids and our future generation about the difference in Good manners and Bad manners. Good manners are what every child should learn right from childhood and avoid bad manners. Good manners bring fame, dignity while bad manners defame you.

Good manners are not just some rules once said and done. It is a long process. It is about making it a habit. Being habitual to being in a good manner and good behavior.

Now, the question arises,


How good manners are important in our life?

Good manners, paragraph on good manners, Good manners for kids, good manners for school, good manners for students

Humans are social animals. Each man and woman is surrounded by the people which makes a society. This organization of human being in a well-behaved way is possible only with manners – Good manners. Without manners, we are just some animals gathered in one place. But Good manners and valuing others is what makes all the difference.

Behaving in good or bad manners is an important part of human nature and life. Good manners bring dignity, respect, and fame while Bad manners defame us. Good manners play a vital role in our lives, it is very difficult to cover it all in 10 lines on good manners or short paragraphs.

Practicing good manners is very important for all human beings, whether we are at home, school, college, tourist place or any public place. It is not easy to follow good manners and ignoring bad manners but with practice, we can make it happen.


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What are the benefits of Good manners in our life?

Good manners play a vital role in our daily life. Right from the time, we get off the bed in the morning till we get back down at night is a life we live and the kind of life you will have is decided by the manners you put forward in the daily routines every day. The areas which matter, the ways which are important and decides one’s personality are:

The way you start your day

The way you treat your family, parents, siblings in the morning,

The way you enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner with your friends and family.

The way you have fun with your friends at school, the playground, or at home.

These all and many more are the situations in which the manners of a kid are noticed. Behaving well at these situations tell the real personality of a person.

And our behavior of good manners comes back manifold in the form of different benefits, we can hardly notice at the first moment. The benefit of making your parents proud is one of the benefits of Good manners and some more benefits of Good manners for kids are:

  1. Social Skills – Good manners always have an upper hand in society
  2. Happiness – Positive environment always tries to keep you happy
  3. Self-Confidence – Etiquettes gives you confidence
  4. Physical Health – Good manners leave a positive impact and keep the body fit
  5. Mental health – with good manners, we get in bonus, a healthy mind
  6. Great Childhood – better, happy childhood experience
  7. Best Memories – happy moments are more with good manners

So, the benefits are:

  • Social Skills

Good manners are very much appreciated in our society. Anyone with good etiquettes and manners is always the favorites of all. Manners show the personality of a person and good manners means good personality and character. In a social circle, a child with good manners is easily accepted in comparison with the kid having bad manners.

Even, while, on the tours or trips, or even visiting some relatives, a well-mannered kid can easily adjust in the environment and enjoy their trip and visits. A child with good manners always has this benefit.

  • Happiness

Kids are found to be happier if they are well-mannered. As being kind to others makes the giver happy and it starts a loop. The more one shows kindness, the more he gets happy, satisfied, and then more he is willing to do the good deeds. A good deed always keeps a man happy. A kind-hearted person can always find some ways to be happy in small kindness.

  • Self-Confidence

The better, one feels about himself, the more he thinks himself as deserving of the respect, then more he tries to be in the good, respectable list of others. With self-confidence, he gives others the respect he actually wants for himself, and he has a desire to be respected always and he learns this can only be with good manners and etiquettes.

  • Physical Health

Good manners are the results of good environment, good care, good parents and elders. The relationship that is positive, affects the kid a lot.  Any kids who enjoy good care, and is healthy, have better manners in compared to the one with low physique and illness, as the one with some disabilities, may consider himself inferior to others and may have an inferiority complex, which can affect the manners too. And the vice versa is also possible with good behavior, a kids physical health also improves.

  • Mental Health

As the quote states: “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. The child, who is free from stress, and any mental tension will have positive results. A healthy Mind. To have healthy brain development, it is important to have a healthy body. Good manners boost the mental health as the child remains happy with surrounding and the positive response he receives through good behavior.

  • Great Childhood

A kid with good behavior has a great childhood. As everyone linked to him loves him and praise him from time to time because of his good manners and etiquettes. He always remains in a happy mood and eager to do anything to be in the good books and in return, he gets compliments.

  • Best Memories

Good behavior also gives great memories. In childhood, a kid is introduced to a large no. of people and each leaves certain memories with the child. A kid with a positive, playful attitude will have a lot more opportunities to enjoy, to play with others in several new ways. Good behavior gives a lot of Friends in bonus.


Are manners important in today’s society? Essay

A short paragraph on Good manners. A paragraph to explain the importance of good manners and etiquettes in Today’s Society.

Human is a social animal. He, from the Old Stone Age to till this Modern Tech World, is always a social creature and the society is all that is responsible for human survival. Society is not just some random people coming together in a group and makes society. Society is made by mutual understanding, similarities, beliefs due to which a group decided to come together in “Mannered” and organized way.

The importance of manners starts from the day, a kid of 3-4 years is socialized to society or with some people in his neighborhood. A good mannered kid gets all the limelight and quickly make his place in the good books. With his good behavior, he makes his place immediately with ease. While visiting some shopping complex for shopping or visiting some tourist place with family, a well-mannered kid is all what one always wish for. These few etiquettes provide some respected to the kid as well to parents.

As a child is grown up, the reactions and responses to the teachers, parents, and grandparents he gives, actually affects not only the teachers, or parents, or the grandparents but also gives a view the kid is going to be successful in his life or not. Good manners are in great demands in this modern society. Today’s modern society is very much dependent upon communication. Good communication requires manners.

Many Psychologists has their ideas about the importance of communication in modern society. One such Psychologist Sian Bellock says that in today’s workforce, people seldom work on big problems alone. Whether they work in a team or they have to sell a product, each one needs some etiquettes and manners which helps his company or him to reach its maximum potential.

A businessman Joe Toal once said “To succeed in today’s modern society, you have to learn how to be ‘invited’ into your prospect’s world as a welcomed guest and expert, not a solicitor and pest”

It is very important to be invited with full dignity and respect rather than begging to be invited to their world. In such case comes the role of good behaviors. Your doings, ways, practices make your way to the heart. As once said by a company owner “you need not have to beg for selling your product but the customer should come to you to buy your product. and this happens with your customer service, your humbleness.

Good manners, Manners, good manners for kids



Benefits of Good manners in the cooperatives are illimitable.

What is the Role of good manners in business?

Skills may give you a job but manners help you to hold it for long.

How much beneficial, you may be to the company or department but with no manners and respect for the fellow colleagues, one day, an option will be found to replace you. Dignity and respect are what ranks higher than money for a lot of people. Respect keeps the people loyal to you.

Being kind to the customers bring more sales.

Better customer service is the must in today’s competitive world. Everyone likes to be helped when in a problem. Man in need always remembers who helped him and this point is better-taken care by better customer service.

Others listen if you listen to them.

If you want to put forward your points, changes, and demands, a little courtesy can help you have their ears. Everyone loves being listened but this is what lacks in most of the beings these days, and when you give your ears, they will give you theirs. This modern society lives on give and take.

Respect you offer others returns to you in many folds.

In this modern society, when a large section is blessed with a good life and you are part of such a society. The only thing the society desires from you is Respect. Respect to elders, respect to teachers, respect to parents, respect to the society.

Social etiquettes with the clients.

Whether you will be invited again or not totally depends upon the polite way you deal with them. Whether you know the table etiquettes and know when to leave and thank the inviter or host so that you can be invited again.


What are Good manners at School and Home?

The early most days of a kid are mostly either at school or at home. These two places surely put an impact that lasts long. So, it becomes important for the teachers as well as for parents to teach their kids the manners, they will need in life.

Manners is a large field which changes with the places, people and even with age. So, Good manners cannot be concluded with simple 10 important manners a kid must have or in a short note or short paragraph on good manners. But here, we have collected a few simple manners list a parent or teacher must know so that they both can do their best to make these manners as a default setting in any electronics.

Good manners, Manners, good manners for kids

10+ Good manners at school, at home for students.

  1. Interference in between talks is bad
  2. Civility phrases
  3. Respect the elders
  4. Respect the teachers
  5. Keep yourself clean and hygienic.
  6. Covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing
  7. Not to make fun of others
  8. Always share everything with your parents
  9. Don’t waste the food
  10. Concentration on the teacher while she teaches
  11. Never speak the lie

So, Good manners are important and here is a list of Good manners for students

  • Interference in between talks is bad

Interruption is a bad habit. Every pupil should be taught the right way to question during the class i.e. to raise the hand and say “Excuse me, please” when he or she has any doubt or suggestion. The same is applicable for home also. one should be taught to not to jump in between the conversation when elders or parents are busy in some discussions. If he gets an emergency he must start it with “Excuse me” and then explain the problem.

  • Civility phrases

There are a lot of phrases commonly used by everyone and even taught to the kids. This includes Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me, etc. These words have their own significance so, rather than just forcing these on kids. The kid must be given enough time to understand the meaning and decide it for themselves to use these words or not. Just forcing the words will make the words lose their importance.

  • Respect the Elders

The one thing that must be taught to the kids or students is to respect elders. Elders are our teachers, caretakers. Elder’s experience is a real jewel. To learn from their experience, the first thing we can do is respect them and gain the knowledge they possess.  But this moral value is a kind of seem lost these days. We must teach them the importance of elders in our lives.

  • Respect the Teachers

Teachers are the one, who prepares the future of any country. Teachers make, modify, bring certain changes in the behavior in the student and built the moral values in students. So, this is very important to teach the students the worth of teachers and their importance in building their future. 

  • Keep yourself clean and hygienic.

It is the duty of teachers as well as guardian to give their student or pupil, the basic hygienic tips. The students should be given some special classes and some syllabus should be introduced to make them better aware of cleanliness and hygiene. Some of the tips include keeping themselves clean and keeping the surrounding, the neighborhood clean. It is the moral duty of each citizen to not only keep the house clean but must also take care of the city, and country. 

  • Covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing

Basic etiquette for a student, he must know. Covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing is always better not only, it is considered civility, but this also prevents spreading of viruses and bacterias. Covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing is basic manner a student should follow.

  • Not to make fun of others

A Good kid never makes fun of others, this should be taught to every student in the school and even at homes. mocking others who are physically disabled or less fortunate them you is a bad manner. The students are at school for learning and becoming a better person, so, it doesn’t go good in the part of the student to make fun of others who are dressing differently or speaking differently. They should learn to respect others.

  • Always share everything with your parents

To teach this manner, the efforts should be made by the parents or guardians. A friendly environment is a basic requirement for this. Good friendly nature of parents gives a positive direction to the kids and they feel free in sharing their feeling and any incidents. This sharing is a must for a healthy relationship of a kid with his or her parents. 

  • Don’t waste the food

A large part of the world still sleeps empty stomach, every night. The students must be taught the actual value of the food and feel blessed for the food on their table. Food is a necessity that each and everyone should have and it is also important to never to waste food, only buy or make that is enough to eat and prevent any type of wastage. Wasting is bad in every aspect. Not only food, but wastage of any resource is also bad. 

  • Concentration on the teacher while she teaches

A student must pay full concentration to the teacher while a teacher teaches in the class. A student must be attentive in the class and listen to every word a teacher say in the class. If a student got any problem in any topic or any other difficulty with other classmates, he must raise his hand and discuss it with the teacher. A student must not argue with the teacher. 

  • Never speak the lie

Always teach the kids, never to tell lie and always speak the truth. A kid must know the value of speaking the truth. Teacher and the parents must teach them how a speaking truth can take them to success and how a telling lie can destroy them.

Good manners, Manners, good manners for kids


13 Good manners list for kids

  1. Say please and thank you
  2. Be Polite
  3. Raise your hand 
  4. Follow rules
  5. Share with others
  6. Take turns
  7. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Be Kind
  10. Help others
  11. Keep your distance
  12. Stand in line
  13. Wish others – Good morning, good evening


Good manners, Manners, good manners for kids


10 lines on Good manners

  1. Every kid must learn to wish others, Hi, hello
  2. Every kid must know the greetings, like Hi, how are you? Good morning, good evening.
  3. Every kid must know to share. 
  4. Every kid should stand up when an elder enters the room.
  5. Kids should act politely with the helpers.
  6. Kids need to practice good manner at a family time and meal time.
  7. Each pupil should use the words like thank you, you’re welcome routinely. 
  8. Every kid should follow the phone rules like no phone during meals, movies, classes, and conversation.
  9. Every kid should follow the rules. 
  10. No kid should make fun of others. 
  11. Kids should respect their teachers and elders.


Good Manners List of Words

Here is a good manners List of words to teach your ward:

  1. Please
  2. Happy
  3. Thank You
  4. Excuse Me
  5. Sorry
  6. Pardon
  7. Welcome
  8. Gratitude
  9. Appreciation
  10. Hi There.




Lastly, Good manners can’t be concluded in these few 10+ good manners for students. Manners include each move one takes in the social situation. The behavior or personality one possesses in any event or party or any occasion is counted the manner. Whether you will be invited again to the party is totally dependent on manners and good behavior. Good Etiquettes bring fame, respect while bad manners give you defame and shame.

So, Choose wisely, the behavior. Teach wisely, the students.







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