I wish I had informed her.

Funny old woman 

I wish I had informed the funny old woman

A short story of a happening during a journey with a funny old woman. Old people are really funny. Sometimes their funny replies to a situation make it more enjoyable. Some occasions with Old people in the metros, trains, buses make others angry and happy at the same time. The funny old woman does a similar in this short story.

funny old woman


The story:

Once an old lady stepped into a bus with her son and when the bus started to move, his son stepped out and asked her to mind stop X.

After two minutes of the ride, the old lady walked up to the aisle and asked the conductor if stop X has come.

The conductor said not yet.

After that, she started doing it every now and then. So the conductor got pissed off and shouted”You old lady, go back and sit at your place. Ill informs you when we reach there.”

This time conductor said “ma’am, we are really sorry, stop X passed 1-hour ago. But we will go back there for you “So the lady sat at her seat for about two hours and then went back to him for the same question.

So the bus ran for one hour in the opposite direction. On reaching X, the conductor told her “here is your stop X ma’am”.

The old lady took a pill from her bag, swallowed it and told the conductor to move ahead.

” my son told me to take them when we reach place X”

the woman rocked, conductor shocked.

Moral of the Story:

We must not take a decision which involves others without knowing the situation and the scenario perfectly. Taking decision for others does not only harm others but it may return to you and affect you too.


List of funny videos of old women:

Here are some of the videos which are going viral these days. Old people are awesome. Sometimes you feel ashamed of yourself after seeing the type of enjoyment they are having. 


List of Funny videos of old ladies saying I Love You.

An old woman saying I love you on camera.

“I love you” is commonly used by the couples, with feelings and even without feeling and this phrase is made common by its massive use and even lost it real worth but the same word “I love you” is heard from our older one, the fun begins. In the following videos, the old woman is trying to say “I love you” and made a funny content.

The word is new for the old woman and as well as in foreign language but still try saying I love you is really funny to watch.


Next funny old woman, trying to say I love you. A 110 years old woman saying I love you. Respecting the old ones and saying them I love you, time to time is really good practice everyone should follow but now hear this old lady saying I love you. 

List of Funny Videos of old ladies dancing and having fun.

  • Next, we have a funny old woman dancing. Watching old people dancing and enjoying fully themselves is a real pleasure. Funny videos of old ladies dancing. The smile and fun this woman is having is the kind of happiness, we all young one need to have. 


  • This funny old woman will surely take your heart. Funny videos of old ladies dancing with full energy. Enjoying the dance with so much passion is what is missing in the young one. This funny old woman shows us:

Age is just a number, and fun is forever.

This video put a continuous smile on my face and it will definitely make your face shine with happiness and even want your grannies to be this awesome. 


  • These Funny videos of old ladies dancing and having fun will teach you an important lesson. Dancing is not about proper steps and sync with the rhythm but it is just losing the body and enjoying the moment with a smile on your face.

Dancing should be relaxing and calming. So, rather than thinking about the steps and the words to match with, just go with the flow just like the following old ladies. These funny old women will teach you how to dance without bothering about the world. 



  • One of the best funny old woman dance, you can find today on the internet. It is really fun to watch such dances and enjoy with family. See these funny videos of old ladies dancing in the middle of the street.

As the dance starts it seems dull and thoughts come around about what they can do in this old age but then just then the fun begins and caught the audience with the fun. 


List of Funny Videos of old Ladies Fighting:

After a few adult Beverages and this is what happens on Thanksgiving 2013, when Grandma who’s 96 years old, gets together with her almost 100 years old sister. 

This is a small incident out of their long list of fighting. Still able to Fight with your sibling at old age is a gift some rare gets. 

  • It’s fun to watch Grandmas fight over memories. 


  • Another compilation of Funny videos of old ladies fighting with their Sister. I damn sure, you’re going to love it. Having a sister for long till the old age to fight with them and tease them is really fun. 

Here you have a long compilation of Hilarious sisters still fighting in their old age. You will wish to have such a relationship with your sister, after watching this. 



  • Here is another Funny video of old ladies fighting. Fighting at an old age is a rare incident. Fighting needs energy but some Grandmas got this energy and didn’t step back when the time comes for showing off their caliber.



  • Here is a funny clip from a movie. An old lady fighting with thieves. This seems fake but the movies are the mirror of society. There are still some unsung heroes which are not captured by the cameras and this short clip from a movie shows you the one such lady. 

Enjoy the awesome music along with the funny fight of an old woman with thieves. 

See now, You won’t regret It. Promise.


Funny Vines of old ladies

A video from Co Viners. A really fun to watch her do her mischief.  So, much Fun at this age is Awesome. Enjoy her company with this funny compilation. 


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