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I like storytelling, and I used to get excited whenever storytelling competition happened at my school. At school, I learn all the short stories and then at home, in one go, tell all my stories to my mom. Some of them were the best stories for storytelling competition. Everyone enjoys those stories and furthermore, they leave a message, a moral lesson. 

Today, I heard my kid telling a story to his mom and was very excited just like I used to be. And also, I remember my friends preparing and researching the best stories for storytelling competition. It was really hard to find the best one. So, I decided to collect some best stories for storytelling competition and make them public for all the students and kids who are getting ready for the storytelling competition.

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Best stories for storytelling competition

  1. Money can’t buy everything,
  2. Thank God for what you have.


  • Money can’t buy everything.

There is a kid, named Jack. He is the single son of a businessman. Jack loves his father very much. Jack is 10-years-old now, and he misses the time when he and his father used to play outdoors for hours.

Jack’s father is a busy businessman, he generally comes home when Jack is already asleep and is off for the office before Jack wakes up. 

Jack yearned for his father’s attention. He becomes sad, every time he sees his friends playing with their father. 

However, one day, Jack’s father surprises him, he is home early today. Jack run to his father and hugged him tightly.

Love you, Dad, It’s a pleasant surprise, you are home. 

His father looked at him and said:

Yes, my son. My meeting was canceled but after a couple of hours, I have a flight

the news upsets him.

Then, When will you be back

he asks his father in a low tone. His father replied:

Tomorrow evening.

Jack was very sad and he set on the bed while his father was packing the suitcase with files. Suddenly, he asks his father. 

Dad, How much do you earn in a year?

His father, busy in shuffling his files, said

Why? that’s a big amount you won’t understand.

Jack waits for a minute and asks again:

How much you earn in an hour?

Father confused by his son’s question looked at him and replied:

Maybe, $25 per hour, why are you asking this?

Jack ran to his room and comes back with a piggy bank and hand over the Piggybank to his father. 

I have $50, Can you spare me 2 hours? I want to book an appointment to go to the beach and have dinner with you tomorrow at evening. Can you please mark this on your schedule?


Moral of the Story:

Time is what every kid wants. Please, instead of buying some expensive gifts. Give them your time. Give them some memories with you. 


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  • Do Good and have Good.

This is the story of a mango tree. One day, a queen of honey bees came to reside in the jungle. There was a peepal tree and a mango tree. The queen first went to the peepal tree and asks for permission to make their hive.

Hey peepal tree, we are new in this jungle. Can you please give us some space under your shed to make our hive.

The peepal refused to the queen saying:

I can’t give you permission. You are going to disturb me, the whole day.

The queen with a disappointment went to the Mango tree and ask him for help. 

Please, mango tree. Can I make my hive under your shed? 

The Mango tree was kind and sweet just like his fruits. He agreed to give permission to the queen.

They all lived happily in the jungle until a carpenter came for the woods. He, firstly, liked the mango tree and wants to cut it but then noticed the beehive and decided not to cut it. 

He, then, decided to cut the peepal tree. As the carpenter was trying to cut the peepal tree, he began to cry for help. The mango tree listened to his voice and asks the queen of honey bees to help the peepal tree. 

The queen refused to help and said:

The peepal tree didn’t allow me to make my hive. He was very rude. I’m not going to help him. 

The Mango tree listened to the Queen and then said:

We should not do bad things to people who do bad things to you. We should always do good to have good. 

The queen understands and immediately commanded his soldier-bees to help the Peepal tree. 

Moral of the Story:

We should always be like the mango tree. we should always do good to have good and also do good to those who did bad to us.


Hope you like the story. These are the best stories for storytelling competition, I myself like these very much and many have won first prizes in storytelling competitions reciting these. But I have many more short stories with moral lessons for students. If you need some more then follow the link below. 

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  • Thank God for what you have

This is a story of a peacock and a Nightingale, who lived in a jungle. The peacock was very happy to have his beautiful colorful body but one day, he saw a Nightingale singing in the trees. He heard her for the first time. He was mesmerized by the voice of the nightingale. 

The peacock sat down under the tree and listened to the nightingale. but then, some tears start to roll down her face. He gets upset and looked up at the sky and said:

Why god, why you didn’t give me the sweet voice. 

Just that moment, the nightingale came down from the tree and asks the Peacock. 

What happened brother, why are you crying?

The peacock, wiping the tears from his cheeks, looked up to the nightingale and said:

You have the most beautiful voice in the world and I’m a useless bird. I don’t have a sweet voice. I wish I had the voice like you. 

The nightingale said to the peacock:

Oh, brother, you think I am lucky. But when people listen to my voice and find me a tiny little bird who is not beautiful they get disappointed. Now think, brother, although, I have a sweet voice but not a beautiful body like you. But still, daily, I sing happily. and thank God for giving me a sweet voice. 

The peacock now thinks that: 

Yes, sister, I think you are right. I should not complain about my bad voice but thank God for giving me a beautiful body. 

From that day, the peacock never complains about his voice and lived happily.

Moral of the Story:

We should not complain about what we don’t have but Thank God for what we have. 




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