Stories for Storytelling Competition on Healthy food

Here in this post, we are going to read about some short stories that can be used for storytelling competition on healthy food and good eating habits. Earlier this morning, I tried to find some interesting stories but I had to search a lot to get what I want. Therefore, to save your valuable time and hope to spare you some extra minutes so as to get your kid prepared for the competition, I have all in here.

stories for storytelling competition,

Stories for storytelling competition on healthy food and good eating habits.

I love chips Fairy.

This is the first story for storytelling competition on healthy food. This story is about two kids – Ricky and Rose, who love munching on crispy wafers and chips. “Munch, munch, munch” the sound of tasty munchies and crispy chips makes them so happy. Rose and Ricky could not stop munching on chips. “yummy” exclaimed Rose making cracking sounds. Ricky filled his mouth with even more chips and starts making louder cracking sounds.

A packet of crunchy chips would be wiped off within minutes. Mommy made them a carrot soup. Rose and Ricky would found craving for something crunchy.

“Mommy, I don’t want to drink the carrot soup. can I have some munchies?” asked Rose.

“it’s not snack time, Rose. it’s dinner time.” said mommy.

Rose and Ricky socked and continue drinking their soup. However, mommy was concerned and wanted their kids to not crave so much for munchies.

The next day, she packed the chips and munchies for Rose and Ricky’s lunch. Rose was excited for munchies for lunch so was Ricky.

“why you packing munchies for lunch, mommy?” asked Ricky.

“well, the chips fairy visited us last night and has left us a whole lot of chips for her favorite Rose and Ricky. So, you get to eat chips all week. ” said mommy.

Rose and Ricky looked puzzled and then jumped in joy.
“oh, I love chips fairy,” Rose exclaimed.

This continued for a week. Rose and Ricky did not miss food. They had chips for lunch, and chips for dinner and all the time for the middle. but then they would get very hungry in the middle of the night. Rose and Ricky were tired of the crunchy munchy. and wanted to eat something warm and tummy-filling.

One day, Rose walks up in the middle of the night. and went to her mommy.

“Mommy, I’m still hungry. can I still have some soup?” said Rose

“of course, Rose,” said mommy.

Rose sipped on a refreshing warm soup and smiled looking at her mother. Ricky joined them as well.
“Mommy, can we ask chips fairy to send chips only for the snacks time,” said Rose.

“oh, of course, Rose” chuckled her mother.
“mommy, your soups are the yummiest. I’m sorry. I troubled you. I’ll never ask for chips again. ” said Ricky.

“you can enjoy chips once in a while. but it’s important to have all kinds of food” said mother.
And that’s how Rose and Ricky learned not to always munch on the chips.

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I’ll Cure you.

Once upon a time, there lived a generous and kind-hearted king. But the people weren’t happy with their king because the king was very lazy and would not do anything other than eating and sleeping. He spent days and weeks and months in his bed either eating something or sleeping.

The king became a potato couch and the people started to worry about the king.

One day, the king realized that he couldn’t even move his body, not even his foot. He became so fat that his enemies made fun of him, calling him”fatty king”, bulky king” etc. Therefore, The king invited expert doctors from various parts of his country and offered them generous rewards to make him fit. Unfortunately, none could help the king gain his health and fitness.

The king spent enormous amounts of money but everything went in vain.

One fine morning, a holy man visited the country. He heard about the ill-health of the king and informed the minister at the palace that he could easily cure the king. Hearing these promising worlds, the minister became very happy.
He requested the king to meet the holy man to get rid of his problem.

The holy man resides in a distant place. Since the king could not move his body. He asked the minister to bring the holy man to the palace, but the holy man refused. He said that the king had to go to him, in order to get cured.

After strenuous efforts, the king met the holy man at the latter’s residence. The holy man complimented the king saying that he was a good ruler and said that he would soon regain his health. He asked the king to come for treatment the next day.

He also told the king that the king would be treated only if he came on foot to the holy man’s residence. The king was unable to walk even a few steps on the road but aided by his followers, he reached the holy man’s place.

Unfortunately, the holy man was not available there and his devotee requested the king to come and meet him the next day for treatment.

This was repeated for two weeks and the king never met the holy man, and never had any treatment. Gradually, the king realized that he felt a lot lighter, lost a considerable amount of weight, and felt more active than before. he realized the reason why the holy man asked him to reach his place by walking.

Very soon, the king regained his health, and the people were very happy in his kingdom.

I remember some of the stories from my childhood which could be great for storytelling competition and especially for students. Here in this post, I have some of the childhood stories that you must have heard in your childhood.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in bed.

Adam’s mischief had stopped at a certain age But the amount of mischief he does in a day was the number of snacks he would eat sitting at home. Even the smell of food from far away would catch his attention. In fact, he sometimes steals his little sister’s favorite chocolates. But during games, he always finds an excuse to avoid it. Sometimes it was a headache and sometimes, a gray cloud was enough to say no.

Adam’s constant excuses irritated everyone and his friends lost all hope. His parents tried everything possible but it failed. Adam hated going out to play.

One day, as Adam was playing on his mobile, his friend Bran called him for a game. “Adam come fast. we a match with the other society boys”. Just then, his little sister opens the door. “What fatty, what excuse do you have today.” asks his sister.

“Oh, my legs are paining. get me some snacks please,” replied Adam.

“why don’t you get it yourself. you look like a football.” said his sister.

“Adam” enter his mom,” I told you to clean your room.”

“if on Sundays, I don’t get a break, will you give me a break during studies?”

“I wish you move your feet the way your mouth does, constantly finding excuses. You can go and play outside, instead of using your mobile and computer.” scolded his mom.

“mom, leave me alone. my stomach is paining,” said Adam.

Adam started to move from channel to channel. Suddenly, he saw an episode of fitness. As he was munching the last packet of his chips he started watching it. Adam then notices himself in the mirror and then, sees his future self.
“you need to change your bad habits. Like this, you won’t be able to enjoy your life. you need to get out, play, and enjoy life. Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life in bed.” “NO” Adam shouted, “I don’t want to spend my whole life in bed.”

Adam noticed his shoes that are covered with dust. he picks it up and blows the dust away. Just as Bran was scoring a goal, he notices Adam running across the field. he points out and everyone starts cheering for Adam.

From that day, Adam never stopped running. In a few weeks, he transformed into a thinner version. he started feeling confident about himself. and would help his mother in her household shows. Adam’s parents were surprised seeing this change in him but his little sister still calls him a football.

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Thank You, God, you saved me

Max loved eating sweets and chocolate, burgers chips, and everything that mom called junk. He even fed them to his beloved dog. Max ate junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. His mom always said to him “Max, it is fine to eat burgers or sweets once in a while but you should also eat healthy food like fruits, veggies, cereal bread, etc.”

Max would smile and say “no way, I will eat only what I want to eat and nothing else.”

One day, his mom said that she won’t be feeding ruff anymore and she asked Max to take care of it with whatever he felt was right.

Max smiled and took ruff to his bedroom. That night, the two of them had lots of sweets and chocolates. this happened for a couple of days. Every day he takes ruff outside and he feeds it with all the sort of street food. Soon, Max realized that ruff was not enjoying it anymore.

One morning, when Max got up, he saw ruff lying on the floor. He was sick and didn’t have the energy to get up.
Quickly, Max decided to take him to the doctor.

When he tried to get dressed all his buttons on his shirt went “pop pop pop”,  “oh, no my shirt has shrunk” cried Max and as Max put on a pair of his pants “rip, rip, rip” went the pants. Max ran to his cupboard and tried on all of his clothes. “pop pop pop” went all the buttons on all of his shirts&  “rip rip rip” went all of his pants.

Max cried “oh no, all of my clothes have shrunk. what will I do now?”. Mom heard Max crying and went to his bedroom. She was about to say something but suddenly started screaming.

Both Max and Ruff started expanding and growing. Max become fatter and fatter while Ruff expanded widely. Soon, Max started feeling suffocated. It seemed that the room wasn’t big enough for him and he felt hungry.

His mom quickly went out of the room as there was no space for her. Max tried to get out of the room but he just couldn’t get through the door. Max had to break the door to get out of a small room. Quickly, he got to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. he saw a burger and he engulfed down in a single and he expanded a more.

“Here, take this,” said Mom and asked him to try a glass of milk. The moment Max had it, he shrunk a bit.

Next, his mother made him a bowl of vegetable salad. Max had some of it and his body started shaking wildly. and With speed, burgers and pizza started to come out to his mouth.

Suddenly, he realized, mom was shaking him. it was morning and once again mom was scolding him for eating sweets throughout the night.

Max hugged his mom and said, “mom, I’m sorry I promise I won’t have any junk food from now on”. Mom was surprised to see this change in Max. On the other hand, Max thanked God that whatever happened was just a dream and he was saved.


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