Sad Stories that will make you cry about best friends

Best Friends are the ones who make our life full of happiness, make us smile and bring best out of us but sometimes we get sad because of the best friends. Here I have collected a few sad stories that will make you cry about best friends. Being Sad is just OKay, but staying the same is not OKay. NO one in this world is permanent, everyone has a role to play in your life and once it has been done, they have to leave. Just keep meeting new people and keep learning.

sad stories that will make you cry about best friends

A Sad Story of a Best friend

But, it’s also true that no one can replace a best friend. A person who stays with you no matter what, A person who does silly things just to make you smile, a person who will risk their time just for you, a person who cares about you like their own brother and sisters… Forever…

And one day, you realize that your best friend is no more your best friend. They have got some new friends and you see them ignoring you. Now, you are lonely, and you think no one cares about you. You have no one to care about. You get so depressed and angry that you can’t take the pain anymore. You finally do it, you hurt yourself. You kill yourself.

The next day, the whole school is in shock and in sadness. The teachers have tears in their eyes. Your class is silent and your so-called “best friend” is there, looking at your empty seat with tears about to fall out. There he/she is in pain and tears. and thinking “what I could have done differently? I should have cared more. ” –crying–

But its too late already. Damage has been done. Life is lost.

The next day is your funeral. all your friends are present to give you the last visit and even your best friend is there, standing quite with red eyes.

Your casket is going down slowing into the ground, and your best friend is yelling your name, and saying, “Nooo! please wait, one last chance.” It too late now, you’re gone and your casket is in the ground. Your best friend is sitting on the grass crying endlessly and recalling all the mistakes he/she has done and could undo.

but they can’t undo, can’t correct the mistake, because you are gone forever.

But it was their fault, their mistake that they never cared about you enough. They are accountable for your death. it’s their fault that you DIED. But now, they are just standing there looking down at you and filling the big pit with dirt. While your body is in the casket.

The days and nights for your best friends aren’t the same anymore. He/she is not smiling anymore, knowing that you are not with them and can never be.

Now, every night they, including your parents and your best friend cry themselves to sleep. They reread all of your old text messages you used to send them and they just weep and sleep with the phone and your photo in their palms.

Their life has changed. There’s no more laugh at your home and no more jokes between your friends. Your best friend is living a life in solitude. They now ignore everyone.

They now think,” I must have behaved more like a best friend, I must have given him more attention.”

But it’s late now. Nothing can be undone. With each day passes by, they still think of a way they could’ve been better for you.

The pain is too much to bear for them and they kill themself.

Now, this story is out for all the people who feel alone as their best friend is not with them anymore. Here is one of the sad stories that will make you cry about best friends. but the point you must engrave is “You are not alone. People come and go. No one is this world stays forever with anyone. Keep reliving the happy life you had with them and smile that you had that time.”


Best Friends for life.

I must say that I am with the sweetest and cutest girl who is my “best friend”. She is very close to my heart. We met each other in our Eighth grade and became friends since that year. With time, we became best friends who share and care for each other. In a few months of our friends, her father expired. I was worried that she must be feeling low and might need my presence.

So, I went to her home to meet her that evening by asking the address from my classmate. There I met her and stayed for a few minutes then she went inside her home. I returned to my home and after 2 months, she became normal and our friendship continued. She many times recalls that I was the only friend of her who visited her at her dad’s funeral.

After school, we both did our graduation from a different college but stayed best friends. One day, they were shifting their home and I went there to help them in the shifting process. While I was putting away some of the books found a diary and got curious to know what’s inside it. As she was not around I opened the diary. There were a few pages filled. So, I directly moved to my birth date.

The words which she has in her diary made my tears roll down from my eyes. She wrote ” Dad, Still, you’re with me. Thank you for being with me as my friend.” Wish you many more happy returns of the day, Kartik.”.

My eyes got filled with tears and in the next moment, I was all in tears.


Story of a best friend with a sad ending.

Surely, you must not be surprised to note that you are no longer in contact with your middle school friends, and it’s totally normal. You’re neither the first one who lost a friend nor the last one. As you grow up, you don’t find it crazy that everything leaves. The sad truth is friends leave. This is one of the other sad stories that will make you cry about best friends.

I don’t know if you see this heart-touching or not, but here :

I had a friend in middle school. I and she sat next to each other for two years and yes, we became best friends. We were in the same group for the last 2 years. Anyhow, the thing is we actually knew each other and even used to complete each other’s sentences. We could figure out what was on other’s mind or if something was troubling her.

When we were in our final year, she told me she was seeing some guy she liked. She also told that he sometimes hinted at getting physical. but then, he started blackmailing her and she got really scared. A classmate of mine who actually liked her for many years, helped her (A LOT). She was scared of telling this to her parents. She was a pessimist actually and sometimes talked of committing suicide, and my classmate, well he talked and consoled her till four or five.
She, yes, fell for him and he was very happy. She kept on always thanking me for having me as her friend.
By the time we finished our schooling, they separated. I  never asked them any question about all this though both of them were good friends of mine.
A year later, she blocked me. I found out through my friends that she was with the same guy because of who she had once thought of committing suicide. Also, I found that she never considered me a friend and always saw me as a competitor, that’s it. And what she thought and talked about me behind my back, something even more depressing.

I believe she kept count as to the times I helped her and the times she did. This fact was very heartbreaking,
After spending four years with someone. I tell people, I couldn’t care less about that person.

You answer, “Friends are not meant to step over each other, are they?”
While I am writing the truth, another year has passed by and I still find it difficult to trust people every time someone says, ‘Hey, we are friends.’


NO one is this world is going to be by your side forever. If one chooses to leave you, let them go. If they are meant to be with you, they will come otherwise their role in your life was that much only. Never forget this and live the little time happily with your best friend that is offered to you with someone. So, you never had to read any sad stories that will make you cry about best friends.


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