Rich mom Poor mom

Rich mom Poor mom | Inspirational story

A short story of conversation between rich mom poor mom.

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Once there was a rich looking lady, makeup on and well dressed waiting outside the grocery store. Then there comes a lady who seems poor by her looks, she noticed the lady standing outside and asked her.

“is that Martha? Hey ” the poor woman asked.

The rich woman looked confused and tried to remember her. “Oh, hey”. “oh, I haven’t seen you since you moved out of the neighborhood.”

“yeah, we fell on some hard times but you know we managed. anyway, how’s your son?” the second lady replied.

The rich woman started to build a great image of her son. ” I’m so proud of him. He’s perfect. He graduated Stanford with honors. He’s so successful. Where did your son go to college?”

The second lady answered, “oh, well, my son didn’t go to college”

“Oh, I’m Sorry, well after college my son started his own business. He is doing so well. Does your son have his own business? ”

“Oh, no, my son doesn’t have his own business, he works for a company.”

the Rich mom answered, ” That’s too bad. Well, my son will be here any minute to pick me up and take me to his house in the hills. Where does your son live? ”

At the very moment, the poor mom’s son arrived. and said sorry for coming late and asked her to hand over the baggage. She hands him the bags and asked him to wait for a while in the car until she says goodbye to her old friend.

The poor mom turns towards the rich mom and explained ” My son didn’t go to college because I had gotten sick and he decided to stay back and take care of me. I begged him to go to school but he refused to leave my side.”

” And my son didn’t start his own business because he works for a non-profit company. To him, It’s not about how much money he makes but instead about the difference that he can make in other people’s lives. ”

“He doesn’t have a house in the hills. He actually lives with me after my husband passed. he doesn’t want to live me alone so he stayed.”

“He may have all that your son has. but still, I’m proud of my son. ”

Just then the rich mom’s son arrived angrily. ” Mom, what’s taking so long”

” Oh, honey, I’m sorry I’m just…” she tried to calm him down.

he stopped her in between and said, ” I don’t care If you’re sorry, you are wasting my time. let’s go. ”

The poor man looked at her and said ” At least, my son knows how to help his mom. It was nice to meet you.”

Moral of the story: Rich mom Poor mom

Somebody who loves to compare their life to others to make it seem as if their life is somehow better. They treat life as if it’s some sort of scorecard. and whoever gets the higher score wins.

If they went to a better school that doesn’t make them smarter.

Since they have more money that doesn’t make them better.

Or since they have a fancy house that doesn’t make them happier.

But what’s important to remember is having a great life is not based on what you have but it’s based on what you give.

That person who didn’t go to the best school may have learned more from his life experience. That person who didn’t have a bank balance may be helping a lot more people. And that person who doesn’t have a house on the hill may still have a happier home.




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