Peter Dinklage – The world’s not going to change. carve out your little corner, make an impression

Peter Dinklage | A True motivational story

A True motivational story, Jonathan Dinklage’s Brother, A short story on Peter Dinklage from a Dwarf to the most loved Dwarf in the world with the great acting talent.

Peter Dinklage, Inspirational stories, motivational story, Jonathan Dinklage

He refused to fit in. As a child Peter Dinklage underwent painful bone-shaving operations, to combat the side effects of his dwarfism. 

While watching a recording of his class play, Peter realized he looked very different from the other children. He began to feel self-conscious about his appearance and spent many years feeling angry and bitter because of his condition.

Peter Dinklage, Inspirational stories, motivational story, Jonathan Dinklage

He wondered what he had done to deserve such a terrible fate. Peter admits he put up walls around his emotions, in order to protect himself from being made fun of.

In addition to his stature, his dark clothing sullen disposition, and constant cigarette smoking isolated him from his peers. But he realized that through acting, he could control how people saw him.

Peter Dinklage, Inspirational stories, motivational story, Jonathan Dinklage

“Don’t be too careful, because that shuts you off from people.” – Peter Dinklage

When he took a bow to the thunderous applause of an audience, he knew people were recognizing his talent, and not just reacting to his appearance.

He moved to New York City to pursue an acting career and found himself in a rundown apartment infested with rats, without a working oven or heating system.

It was tempting to take cliche roles just to pay the bills but Peter refused to be typecast as an elf or a leprechaun.

Tirelessly waiting for a big break gives him panic attacks, but he felt too much shame to seek help. He wanted the world to see him as more than just a person with dwarfism, so he held out until the independent film ” Living in Oblivion.”

Because of his integrity and acting ability, people were finally beginning to take him seriously as a performer, and Peter felt the walls he had spent years building start to fall. He had always respected and admired theater, and he fell head over heels for theater director Erica Schmidt. 

Peter Dinklage, Inspirational stories, motivational story, Jonathan Dinklage

After 3 years of dating, the two eloped in Las Vegas in 2005. 

“Marriage makes you happier. It makes you complete. ” 

He used his fame to inspire others to fight against their own limitations. Peter was able to find a way to both fits in and stand out, by embracing what made him unique.

“The world’s not going to change. carve out your little corner, make an impression… and be kind.”

A true motivational story of Peter Dinklage.




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Peter Dinklage, True motivatonal short story


Questions about Peter Dinklage People ask:

Real NamePeter Dinklage
Famous Role Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones
Height135 cm or 4ft 5in
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorLight Brown
College Bennington College (1991)
QualificationsGraduate in Drama

What disease does Peter Dinklage have?


Achondroplasia is a disorder of bone growth so he is short, this Peter Dinklage noticed early in his life. While watching a recording of his class play, Peter Dinklage realized he looked very different from the other children. He began to feel self-conscious about his appearance.

This disease (Achondroplasia) is characterized by dwarfism, limited range of motion near the elbows, large head size (macrocephaly), small fingers, and normal intelligence.


What was Peter Dinklage first movie?

Until his First movie, Peter Dinklage tirelessly waits for a big break, but he felt too much shame to seek help. “Living in Oblivion” an independent film, held him out. He wanted the world to see him as more than just a person with dwarfism, Peter Dinklage’s first movie “Living in Oblivion” gave him the opportunity.


Does Peter Dinklage have a kid?

In the year 2005, Dinklage married a theater director, Erica Schmidt. Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt have two kids. One born in 2011, a girl and second in 2017.

He never revealed the name of her daughter publicly, once the name was reported as “Zelig” but He has denied media reports about the girl’s name being “Zelig”. Dinklage and Schmidt had a second child in 2017. The two never revealed the name or the sex of their second child publicly.


Does Peter Dinklage have a brother? Jonathan Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has a brother named Jonathan Dinklage. Jonathan Dinklage is famous for his work on Beasts of the southern winds (2012), The visitors (2007), and The Caller (2008)

Jonathan Dinklage, Peter Dinklage,


What nationality is Peter Dinklage?

Peter Dinklage is American.


How much is Peter Dinklage paid?

Peter Dinklage, Famous for his role in the HBO Tv series “Game of Thrones” was the fifth-highest-paid American TV star on a network primetime show ($1 million per episode).

The Four highest paid American television stars ahead him are

  1. Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men ($1.8 million per episode),
  2. Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond ($1.7 million per episode),
  3. Kelsey Grammer from Frasier ($1.6 million per episode),
  4. Tim Allen from Home Improvement, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon from The Morning Show ($1.25 million per episode).


Is Peter Dinklage English?

Peter Dinklage is not an English But rather as he poses his English accent on the HBO Tv Series Game of Thrones. he is mistaken as English instead he is American


Where did Peter Dinklage attend college?

Bennington College

He attended Bennington College in the year 1991. Bennington College is a private liberal arts college in Bennington, Vermont. Originally a women’s college, it became co-educational in 1969.


Does Peter Dinklage have a twin brother? Jonathan Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has a brother named Jonathan Dinklage occasionally credited as Johnathan Dinklage, who is a Violinist. Jonathan Dinklage has been concertmaster for the Broadway run of Hamilton, leading the string section.


Who are Peter Dinklage parents?

The Father’s name is John Carl Dinklage, a salesperson. His Mother is Diane Dinklage, an elementary school teacher. And brother named Jonathan Dinklage, a Violinist.



Jonathan Dinklage, A Violinist, Peter Dinklage’s Brother

Jonathan Dinklage, A true motivational short story

On one hand when his brother Peter is Gaining great fame and popularity with his unique acting skill and is being recognized around the world as the Dwarf from the Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister. Jonathan Dinklage is happy with his Violin. 

There is a detailed article on New Jersey Monthly, about the Life of Jonathan Dinklage. He is very well aware of the popularity of his brother and is happy for the same. 

He shares little details about his life as a Violinist. Which one should know who cares and wants to know about Jonathan Dinklage. 


So, where we can find Jonathan Dinklage?

He shares that for six shows a week, his workplace is the under the stage at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The Orchestra Pit at first peek seems Claustrophobic, like a dark and narrow cellar. But in his words “It’s actually, the pit here is pretty spacious. There are only 10 here, while some other smash more people into a space like this.”

The pits from inside are dressed in black just like the Musicians: All black, black walls, black ceiling, black carpet. 

Each time, before showtime, the musicians gather beneath the stage and behind the pit. Stagehands gab at a snack table, picking at salads from the table. All the costume rack fills with white ruffled shirts and crispy ironed vests and leggings.


What are Jonathan Dinklage’s achievements?

Jonathan Dinklage, also adds it’s exhilarating to be part of Broadway’s biggest hit. At the time of last April matinee, Hamilton had surpassed 1,100 performances. Jonathan Dinklage has played close to 800 of them.

Jonathan Dinklage in his Violinist career has accompanied great celebrities which can be listed as Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, and Rush in various concerts, and has played backup on albums by Tony Bennett, Darlene Love, Donny Osmond, Ruben Studdard, and Elvis Costello.


What’re his views as a violinist?

Jonathan Dinklage says, There’s no better place to be. In his words, “The most important gig in New York right now is Broadway”, he adds, “this job provides a good sense of security when a show is doing so well.” What else one can want, the work provides flexibility for Jonathan’s other—even more satisfying—work as a freelance studio musician.

The pit is decorated to feel like home.


Some contributions of Jonathan Dinklage.

Here you can find a list of his work as a violin and viola player on the

Click on the link to go to Jonathan’s work as a violin and viola player.


A Cat saved Tyrion life

I had a cat named Brian who told me about the world outside.

Starting his career, Peter was so poor that he would only afford to eat toast. He was struggling to make it as an actor and slept on friends’ couches for two years. 

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.

When he finally found a place to live, all he could afford was a run-down apartment underneath a bridge and the whole place shook when the subway trains ran above him. 

He had only one small window, so high up the wall that he couldn’t see through it. The apartment had no heat, and rats lived in the oven. 

He got a cat named Brian to help chase away the rats and placed his couch sideways so that Brian would be able to look outside the window.

His life was falling apart around him and winter was coming 

The night is dark and full of terrors

When he complained about his apartment to his landlord, Peter was threatened at knife-point to stop making complaints. 

Even poor, he stood by his convictions refusing roles that typecast him as an elf or a leprechaun. 

On the verge of being homeless, he finally broke down and got a job working in data entry. 

For 6 years, he typed away all day in an office, his dreams slowly fading away. He fell into a routine, working day in, day out, drinking at night, stuck in his rut. 

I hated that job. and I clung to that job. 

He hated his apartment, but couldn’t afford to move. Then one day, he watched as his cat Brian climbed the couch to look out the high window. and that’s when Peter had a profound epiphany he was still stuck on the ground unable to see his future because he was afraid of change.

It seems like, you like reading inspiring short stories, here I have a post about true inspiring stories of Celebrities, their hardship, their struggle. 

At 29, he made a life-changing decision:

When I was 29, I told myself, the next acting job I get, no matter what it pays, I will from now on for better or worse, be a working actor. 

Jobless and broke, Peter was terrified but knew he couldn’t be lazy. He kept at it, auditioning, making connections, still proudly refusing roles if he felt were demeaning.

He found his passion for acting again and landed a small role in a play. 

He stormed into the role, ready for anything and met another actor who had also gambled on his dreams: former firefighter Steve Buscemi!

The two became fast friends, so when Steve got the lead in an independent movie. He convinced the director that Peter would be perfect for the part. 

Stick them with the pointy end.

Peter perfected his craft for years, winning prizes and awards. When HBO took a gamble on a fantasy story called “Game of Thrones”. They had no one else in mind for the role of Tyrion Lannister and George RR Martin agreed. 

They begged him to take the role, and Peter didn’t even need to audition for it. 

A lifelong animal lover, Peter will never forget Brian, the cat that inspired him to greatness. 

Ever Tried, Ever Failed, no matter, try again, fail better


 The world is yours.



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