About Us

Quitpit.com is a platform which provides you the best Short Stories in simple English. Short Stories about a variety of categories. Funny stories, Inspirational Stories, True motivational Stories, and Self-enlightened girl’s story.

We get you the best possible Short stories which are Funny and These short stories with a funny twist and unusual twist make your day a better one. the short stories you can share with your friends, kids, on any occasion, whether you are on your journey to some place or just hanging out with your kids and friends.

Inspirational Short Stories about life gives you the inspiration to hold a little longer and stay on your path to success and excellence. Inspirational stories which bring back your faith and loyalty to the almighty God. And maintain your belief.

True motivational Short stories of real persons, real-life experiences. All the hardship they faced in their journey to the point where they really want to be. Short stories can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Self-enlightened Girl Stories, A girl who thinks a lot about the world and its surrounding tries to make life simple and meaningful. Short stories to help you live a life more happily.

For kids, We have a large list of very short stories for kids, which give some moral values. In simple English, Easy to understand English, we here provide you, the best in the categories short stories. 

With our support, you will get the best for your kids, for yourselves, and for everyone. Everything related to the short stories is here. Whether you want the motivation, but didn’t like read long stories of successful peoples, or you just want to know a little about the successful ones, here this is the place you are going to find what you need.

Quitpit.com has a simple motto – Don’t quit in the pit.